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This Russian brigade commander was captured – by the Russian Wagner Group

This Russian brigade commander was captured – by the Russian Wagner Group

Arrested: this lieutenant colonel, Roman Venevitin, is said to have given orders to his soldiers to fire on Wagner’s troops. A video of him looking like a prisoner of war was released.

The Wagner Group claims to have captured a Russian lieutenant colonel who is said to have ordered his soldiers to fire on Wagner’s soldiers. In a POW-like video, the officer says he is guilty.


It is the press service of Wagner’s chief Yevgening Prigozhin has been published A report from the Wagner Group Engineering Brigade. The British Ministry of Defense also confirmed this on Tuesday.

  • The Wagner Group consists of mercenaries fighting on the side of Russia in the Ukraine War.
  • Prigozhin claimed on Saturday that the Russian army had mined the roads that Wagner’s soldiers used as escape routes from Bakhmut.
  • The report came out on Monday saying Wagner’s engineering forces tried to clear the road, but were forced to stop when they came under fire from Russian soldiers.
  • They say that on May 17 they had to fight with Russian troops near the village of Semigorye in the Bakhmut region.
  • The lieutenant colonel was arrested and interrogated. He claims he did it while drunk and out of “personal hostility” to the Wagner Group.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the Wagner Group’s allegations, according to the reports Medusa.


Wagner’s mercenaries are said to have “taken retaliatory measures to eliminate aggression”. They also claimed that they had detained a group of military men led by the commander of the 72nd Motorized Infantry Brigade, a lieutenant colonel, who “was drunk.”

They publish a video in which the man introduces himself as Lieutenant Colonel Roman Venevitin (44) and says that he, along with 10-12 soldiers, disarmed the Wagner soldiers and shot their car.

– I shot a Wagner car while drunk, says Venevitin in the video.

One asks how he should describe his actions, and the lieutenant colonel replies: “Guilty.” Venevetin says he was drunk and that it was done out of “personal hostility” to the Wagner Group. It is unclear whether or not he is still being held Moscow Times.

Sirena’s Telegram channel He claims that Finifetin was drunk driving and lost his driver’s license in 2013.

Odeh: Yevgeny Prigozhin (centre) photographed with two of his soldiers in connection with the withdrawal from Bakhmut. He claims that the regular Russian forces mined the withdrawal path.

– This is exciting, says presenter Joachim Paasikivi at the Swedish Academy for Advanced Studies of VG.

– It seems that the conflict waged by Wagner with the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense has extended to a lower level.

– There was also information in the past about conflicts between the Wagner Group and regular Russian forces, but this is the clear evidence. This is due in part to the military’s hatred of the Wagner Group, but also to the fact that the Wagner Group had captured and abused a Russian officer and released a video of the interrogation.

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– This really indicates that there is a strange situation within the Armed Forces of Russia.

– Do you think the Defense Command will comment on this?

– It would surprise me if there was a public reaction, but it is more likely that the military police would intervene. But there are also questions about what tools they can use.

Assistant Undersecretary: Johan Paasikivi.

– He explains!

– Wagner Group with or without regular troops. They depend on the Russian military for ammunition, logistics, and the like, but they still seem to be waging a war of their own.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, often called “Putin’s chef”, is the head of the Wagner Group and has on a number of occasions criticized Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Vitaly Gerasimov. Among other things, he accused them of not giving Wagner’s soldiers the necessary ammunition.