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This war of mines will be a topic in Polish schools

Storytelling in video games, whether environmental, character-based, narrative or not, has always been a strong point in the industry, and This war of mines Not unlike that, it contains a historical novel that focuses on the civilian experience of war. That is why Polish schools decided to include this mine warfare in the academic curricula for older students as a subject to be studied for educational purposes and not just for entertainment.

The characters of This War of Mine face many daily dangers as they live their seemingly ordinary lives in a war-torn country, forcing them to adapt to change, sacrifice personal comforts and needs, and use every skill in their toolkit. .


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Players are given the task of making favorable and beneficial decisions to play according to the strengths of these characters and allow them to gain more ground to put themselves in a position to survive and succeed in volatile conditions. “I am proud to say that the work 11 bit studios It can contribute to the development of education and culture in our country,” said the CEO Grzegorz Michowski.

“This could be an unprecedented time for all the artists making games around the world.” The developer at 11 Bit Studios is proud to say that the game is being put into the curriculum for students to study ethics, philosophy, history, and other subjects. This War of Mine will only be taught in the classroom if all students are at least 18 years old, as the game features some dark themes centered around a country at war and its citizens struggling to survive.

The fact that Polish high schools decided to use this game in an educational context proves two things: First, awareness of the value of video games as a means of storytelling and legitimate ways of learning source material is growing rapidly. Secondly, video games are more than just pieces of entertainment to occupy the minds of children.

This proves that the gameplay and narrative of this war are valuable enough to offer the country’s youth as legitimate academic subjects for study and analysis. Of course, many will have reservations about these weapons of mine warfare and other violent subjects and origins.

However, Polish high schools, along with developer 11 Bit Studios, expect students to focus on the story and narrative aspects of the game. While it is unclear exactly how the game will be implemented in the school curriculum, This War of Mine certainly paves the way for other great games to enter schools and academics as legitimate pieces of art and literature.

Via: GameRant / PC Gamer
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