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This wonderful Al Pacino movie is one of Meryl Streep’s favorite movies (not The Godfather).

This wonderful Al Pacino movie is one of Meryl Streep’s favorite movies (not The Godfather).

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Meryl Streep, one of the best actresses in the history of cinema, revealed her favorite Al Pacino movie. This is not the most obvious!

Meryl Streep has had an impressive career – “Mama Mia“,”Death became her“,”hours“,”Sophie’s choice“,”Satan wears a cloak“,”Africa mines“,”August is hot“,”the post“, “The Iron Lady”, “Into the Woods”, and “Florence Foster Jenkins”, among many others. Over the course of her more than 50-year career, Meryl Streep has won three awards Oscars – Two in the Best Lead Actress category and one in the Best Supporting Actress category.

There were 18 other nominations remaining between these two categories. Meryl Streep is a very talented actress who also used the Lee Strasberg method. This method with Russian origins takes actors to the extreme in acting Develops more real feelings and thoughts as if they were the character themselves, leading to a more realistic interpretation.

The legendary actress ended up abandoning the method due to its demands. Throughout his career he has worked with some of the best directors and actors in the history of the seventh art. However, he only worked once with Al Pacino, one of his favorite actors, in “Angels in America“, a short series.

In one of the press conferences for the series, Meryl Streep revealed her favorite movie of the legendary actor.

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Al Pacino | © Touchstone Pictures

In conversation with Al Pacino at one of the conferences he captured Entertainment WeeklyThe artist revealed her admiration for her professional colleague – “A very hot summer day afternoon It’s one of my favorite films in the world.” Pacino, in turn, reveals that he “constantly monitors Africa Mine.”

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“Dog Day Afternoon” is one of Al Pacino’s most important films. Brian Eggert, of Deep focus reviewhe writes, “In the canon of great American films of the 1970s, its frank portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters keeps the film in contemporary conversations about representation in cinema.”

Tractor | Meryl Streep and Al Pacino together in Angels in America

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