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Those responsible for the Switch Yuzu emulator respond to Nintendo

Those responsible for the Switch Yuzu emulator respond to Nintendo

In response to a lawsuit filed by Nintendo alleging it facilitates piracy, Tropic Haze, the creator of the Yuzu Switch emulator, has taken a firm stance. After being accused of allowing users to play Nintendo games illegally by bypassing software encryption, Tropic Haze has turned to legal representation from Pierce Atwood LLP. The company has committed to resolving the case within the mandatory 60-day period, reinforcing its determination to follow due process.

Despite the upcoming legal battle, Yuzu remains available on its official website, with no public statements made by Tropic Haze or the emulator's social media channels regarding the ongoing litigation. The lawsuit specifically targets Yuzu's alleged involvement in the unauthorized distribution of over one million copies of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom before its official release. Meanwhile, Nintendo is seeking compensation and intends to shut down the emulator in question, further aggravating the legal standoff between the two entities.

Despite issues with piracy, the game achieved exceptional values, selling more than 10 million units worldwide in the three days following its release and surpassing 20 million copies sold, according to Nintendo's latest earnings report.

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