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Those who have everything, always have everything ::

Those who have everything, always have everything ::

18-0🇧🇷 20-0🇧🇷 34-0🇧🇷 No, dear reader, the report is not about the handball team … it is about the results of the training classes of AC GervaidFootball club based in Oliveira do Douro.

while the under 19 Goes with 54 goals conceded after four matches, and under 17 She goes with 67 goals (!), in just three matches. Finally, the team Less than 15 years old It follows the same trend, but with “better” numbers: 41 goals conceded in four matches. In total Conceded 162 goalsHe scored one goal and nine defeats.

Founded in 1938, Gaiense hasn’t seen a disaster since its size in the youthful strata. After all, what’s the matter? Why did AC Gervide get such terrible results?

a zero zero was, with chief A.C. Gervide – Joel Marquez – Find answers and the conversation flows without filters. From the greed of “neighbours” to the contempt of those who “always give everything to the same people,” the 48-year-old leader opens the book before what he considers “the worst coaching performance in history.”

We can’t be the bomb of the party.

Start with the obvious pointHow did AC Gervaid become the worst coaching club in the Porto area?

AC Gervaid

“We are unable to maintain a team that makes a reasonable tournament with 23/24 athletes. Last year we registered 190 athletes. This year we have to march in 130, we lost a lot of people. Another very serious aspect: the city council only allows us to enter the only space we have for training on August 29, that is, all the other clubs have already completed at least a month of training and financing, ”he began by remembering.

Regarding the formation of the teams for this season, the president said the biggest difficulty is related to the under-19 team, as they are forced to play with many younger players without “making progress” on the requirement.

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“In juniors we have a big team, but in juniors we have 16 athletes and in juniors only 10. In addition, most of the rookies are in their first year [no escalão]That is, they came from the initiators, ”he continued.

“Since we only had 10 pups, we had to take four or five juveniles to the pups. And he stressed that if they are already weak in the first year of the juniors … when they pick up the second year students, the difference is bad and they cannot bear it.

The worst results in each category:

How do children and coaches deal with poor results? Joel claims there is frustration, but no kid gives up at the start of the season.

🇧🇷We can’t be the drummer at the party, because it’s shameful and it discourages all the kids. Then, of course, it discourages the coaches, the parents, and me. I see them take 30…and it’s not easy, but one thing is for sure: everyone comes to train,” he said.

“We have procedures that we put forward to many clubs.”

Point 2 – competition🇧🇷 In Vila Nova de Gaia, the demand for athletes is huge and the “neighbors” are many: Villa Fc🇧🇷 Tiger Force🇧🇷 Douro olive tree🇧🇷 CD candle🇧🇷 Avants and the The list goes on🇧🇷

Having said that, Joel admits his inability to keep athletes for long at the club, but he also doesn’t hide his frustration: “They don’t respect anyone.”🇧🇷

“Because there are a lot of options in this area, kids go, for example, to Avintes or Oliveira do Douro… But these clubs don’t care if they know how to move forward or backward. They want to make two or three teams with the kids, collect fees We even say jokingly: “These clubs have one team for the competition and one for it Coke’, That is, just to make numbers,” he explained.

“We have clubs here who have come to give us four or five players. The law says we can ask the fourth player for transfer money. We have operations to put many clubs🇧🇷 We even had meetings with the presidents of all the clubs and what was agreed upon is: If we like an athlete from another club, we talk to the club in question, but no one does that, ”he explained.

It should be noted that the law – to which AC Chairman Gervide refers – refers to Article 37 of the Regulation of the platform, class, registration and transfer of players (FPF)🇧🇷

“We started saving leftovers.”

Point 3 Greed, financial incompetence, and contempt: “He who has everything will always have everything…”

“What often happens: children leave for a year or two and come back because they go to clubs where there is no training at the end. We’re starting to keep the leftovers that nobody wants. It’s greedy. They only want a certain number of athletes for the monthly wages,” he lamented, worried about the reality of the neighboring clubs.

“If we have an outstanding kid here, he jumps onto the field and goes to the athlete. There are clubs that do not respect anyone and this is for everyone to see, ”patented the head of AC Gervide, referring to the lack of transparency between the institutions.

what These clubs have one team to compete with and another team Coke

Joel Marquez

In addition to “unfair competition,” Joel stresses another major problem: financial (in) adjective🇧🇷

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“We are the ones who practice the lowest monthly wage. He emphasized that 60% of children do not pay anything, either because their parents are divorced, or because they do not have the conditions.

The club from Gay made efforts to attract athletes by offering free registration, while the parish council did not help as might have been expected.

«The parish council, for example, gives eight thousand euros to Quimperes, six thousand euros to Kandal, two thousand euros to Tourau, and gives a thousand euros to AC Gervid! We still haven’t received the money. He who has everything will always have everything … »

“If you leave…the club closes.”

Full point, paragraph🇧🇷 I mean, more or less. Before the season started, the president – who has been at the club for 11 years – announced that he was leaving the presidency, however, no one showed up to take over the crest centered in Oliveira do Douro.

AC Gervide already has an 84 year presence at AC Gervide

“I decided to leave this year. There were three sets, many doubts, and of course, this also helped build the worst coaching performance in history. But no one came to take over the club. If you leave…the club closes“, looking at.

Finally, the president declared that the club would not die: “In March 2023 we will start trying to catch the children and sign the documents”, showing mixed feelings towards the hurricane of emotions he has experienced in recent months.

′′ I’m glad I didn’t let the club die, but I also feel exhausted. It’s not easy for you to walk home on your back and it’s hard for me to crash so much … »And he ended by recalling the disastrous results in formation layers.