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Thousands demand evacuation after California wildfire - VG

Thousands demand evacuation after California wildfire – VG

Hot: The wildfires were caused by extremely hot weather conditions in California recently.

Thousands of people in Northern California were ordered to evacuate Friday due to a wildfire fanned by high temperatures.


The towns of Wade, Lake Chastina and Edgewood are subject to mandatory evacuation orders.

The forest fire spread over an area of ​​more than 1,000 hectares during Friday. It arose due to extremely hot weather conditions in California.

Temperatures are expected to rise in some places, reaching 43 degrees.

September had a warm start in the west of the country, with record high temperatures and fires expected to spread, the NWS writes in its daily update.

Measures against heat

In Los Angeles, authorities have set up 40 refrigeration centers. They are created in libraries, parks and homes for the elderly. The centers are equipped with refrigeration systems and cold drinks and are open during the day.

The heat is expected to continue until next week. Doctors warn of the stress of heat on the body.

Cold shower: a woman resting in Los Angeles.

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Joseph Reiser, of the Los Angeles Department of Emergency, says they are working to help those who need it most, including by getting supplies and keeping cold centers open.

According to Reiser, the consequences of extreme heat tend to affect the poorest and largely marginalized sectors of society.

There might be people who live in homes that don’t have air conditioning, or people who don’t have a home, he says.

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It’s not unusual for California to experience heat waves in September, but temperatures of 40 degrees are extremely hot, even in the sunny state.

On Thursday, a thermometer in Death Valley, California measured 53 degrees. He writes that it is the highest temperature ever measured on Earth in September CBS News.

The valley and the national park are known for very high temperatures, and they also hold the world record for the highest temperature ever measured. The temperature is about 56 degrees, and it was measured in the summer of 1913.