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Thousands of Americans take equine drugs

Thousands of Americans take equine drugs

The United States has entered a fourth wave of infections, and hospital admissions are approaching a new peak. With the increase in infections, more and more Americans are using their unconventional means to protect themselves from the virus.

Ivermectin was designed to kill parasites such as ringworm and scabies in pets and humans, but has recently been used by Americans who want to avoid coronary heart disease.

US health authorities say prescriptions for ivermectin have risen in recent months, as have the number of overdoses. The drug was distributed to inmates at a prison in Arkansas, despite health officials warning against using ivermectin against coronavirus.

Powered by podcast star

On Wednesday, podcast star Joe Rogan announced that he was infected with the virus. One Rogan Male skeptic about the vaccineHe reveals that he takes ivermectin to recover.

Joe Rogan has coronary heart disease and says he’s taking ivermectin to recover. Photo: Stacy Revere/AFP

Despite warnings from health authorities, Republican politicians, conservative radio hosts, and some doctors are touting these drugs. With the good help of social media, talk of the drug is reaching millions of Americans who are reluctant to receive vaccinations. The use of ivermectin has also spread to other countries, such as India and Brazil.

Now the American Medical Association is warning about the drug, and calling for an “immediate cessation” of unauthorized use.

“We encourage physicians, pharmacists, and other medical personnel – trusted healthcare professionals – to warn patients against using ivermectin for anything other than its intended use,” the American Medical Association said. News agency.

A number of studies have now begun to determine whether the drug has any effect against coronary heart disease. Until the outcome is clear, Americans are being told to stay away.

Uses a potion intended for horses

The warning comes after a series of reports of side effects and hospitalizations associated with ivermectin. Many veterinarians and pet stores are also drug-free, with Americans using potent doses of livestock in hopes of staying crown-free.

“There is no reliable evidence to suggest that this is a good way to treat or prevent coronavirus,” said pharmacist Randy McDonough.

There is currently little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for coronavirus.

There is currently little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for coronavirus. Photo: Luis Rubio/AFP

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of ivermectin to treat ringworm in humans, horses, cows, and dogs. In addition, the drug in liquid form can be used to treat lice and scabies. The drug paralyzes the parasites and kills any eggs.

But the Food and Drug Administration rejects claims that the drug for pets can combat coronary heart disease in humans.

Large doses of this drug are dangerous and can cause serious injuries, the Norwegian Medicines Agency warns. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stroke, severe confusion, and death in the worst cases.

24 times the prescriptions

Infection control doctor David Bulwer says the side effects are relatively mild even when taken two or three times the human dose. But doses for pets can be a thousand times more powerful than the intended human dose.

Do not take much before taking a toxic dose. These concentrated doses are intended for one ton of horses. It can make people seriously ill and lead to hospitalization, Bulwer says.

The doctor says he usually prescribes ivermectin several times a year. Now the number of prescriptions has risen dramatically, and in August, patients were prescribed medication 88,000 times a week. to me Center for Disease Control There are 24 times as many prescriptions as there were before the pandemic. Poison info receives five times as many calls related to medications, and in many cases ends with hospitalization.

Health authorities are now encouraging Americans interested in trying ivermectin to do so by participating in ongoing studies.

Dr. Bulwer concludes, “By participating in a clinical study, you will not harm yourself, and you will contribute to society by clarifying whether or not this works.”

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