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Thousands of giant spiders invade homes after Australian floods

The Australian Reptile Park warns that spiders take refuge after heavy rains

This is the funnel web spider, which is the most venomous on the planet


Eastern Australia is facing the threat of giant spiders invading homes after heavy rains experienced by the country. Those in charge of the Australian Reptile Park have described it as a plague of funnel web spiders, the most venomous on the planet.

The activity of males of this species increases when they experience humid conditions because they are looking for females to mate with. This increase in activity worries professionals because it also increases their chances of entering homes.

A spider in the laundry basket of an Australian house

A spider in the laundry basket of an Australian house

Officials advise that if the right conditions are met, a specimen can be seized and delivered to the Australian Reptile Park so that they can extract the venom from the animal and turn it into a drug.

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