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Three comrades found dead

Three comrades found dead

What happened after a television evening with American football three weeks ago remains unclear.

Three of the men never returned home. They were found dead two days later.

It was Sunday a little over three weeks ago, and a group of friends gathered in Kansas City, USA to watch their favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs, finish the series against the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL.

After the match, five friends continued the party at the house of one of them – Jordan Willis. It is not clear whether this is where they watched the match, or whether they went there after it ended CNN.

What happened next is a mystery. Three of them, David Harrington (37), Ricky Johnson (38), and Clayton McGeeney (36), never returned home.

The nine-year-old lived alone for two years

break in

Two days later, on January 9, Clayton McGeeney's fiancée returned to the house where the men had finished fight night. No one opened the door when she rang, and then she burst into the house through the basement. “On the veranda behind the house I found a dead person,” she writes. Kansas City Star. Then I called the police.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found two other men dead in the garden of the house.

John Picerno, Jordan Willis' attorney, says his client went to bed before his friends got home.

– In the middle of the night he felt tired and said he would sleep on the sofa. He said “get it” to his friends and thought they would walk out the front door. That was the last time he saw them. Picerno says he had no idea they were at the back of the house until police got there Tuesday evening.

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Relatives say the three victims were childhood friends. Ricky Johnson was the father of three daughters. Clayton McGeeney also had children.

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There are no suspects

Police say there are no signs that anything criminal occurred. They have not opened a murder investigation, but they are investigating the case.

-We are still investigating this as a suspicious death, nothing more. We still have no evidence of criminal activity. Alaina Gonzalez, spokeswoman for the Kansas City Police Department, says no one is in police custody News agency.

Police are now awaiting autopsy reports to determine the final cause of death and decide whether to continue the investigation.

An attorney for Willis, who hosted the party, told the local TV station that a fifth man was also present at the home. This man has not yet been identified.

According to police, Willis is cooperative.

The lawyer says, according to CNN, that he feels shocked by the loss of his friends.