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Three cups of coffee for Artur Jorge’s table, please ::

Three cups of coffee for Artur Jorge’s table, please ::

One, two… three cups of coffee for Artur Georg’s table! It was one of the most talked about videos of the week – and in response to the Sporting video (four months later) – which is why, in Braga, there was even a “coffee for everyone”, with a clear and unequivocal victory (3-0) against relegated Pacos de Ferreira.

With this victory, the gverreiros Consolidating third place and reaching the best result in history (78 points), adding an impressive record number of goals scored – 75 in all -, two goals ahead of FC Porto and four more than Sporting.

In terms of the game, Braga ended up dominating from start to finish and could even finish the tournament with a more extended score: Álvaro Dagalo, Ricardo Horta and Simon Panza were the champions of the night.

Two shots of caffeine

There is no better way to start the day (or a football match): It is true that too much caffeine is harmful – and can lead to errors of definition and focus – as Bruma initially showed, however, consuming moderate amounts in order to have a positive effect. Let Dagalo say it!

Roger Ferreira/Kapta+

First, Bruma entered too aggressively and failed in the face of José Oliveira, shooting to the center; Then Bruma made the same mistake again, but in the midst of the confusion Djaló took advantage of Pacense’s defensive numbness (maybe lack of coffee?) and didn’t hesitate with his left foot.

after the target, beavers They responded, but revealed difficulties in making Braga’s defense shiver: moreover, Gaitan turned out to be one of the most enlightened players and hit the post. On the home side, there was no shortage of energy and Roma looked – once again – with danger, but this time, they defined it very well: a fine pass by Ricardo Horta and the best finish for the Portugal international.

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lasting effect

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the energy of the first half was going to last much longer than expected.

Roger Ferreira/Kapta+

The result was comfortable, but that didn’t mean Artur Jorge decided to hit the brakes: Bruma and Djaló remained electrified and unbearable for the sprinters from Pacense and Banza didn’t take long to do damage.

In the 51st minute, Ricardo Horta, quite deservedly, assisted the French striker, who, having no marking, had only to deflect the ball from the goalkeeper of Paços de Ferreira. From the third, SC Braga continued on top and more dangerous, but also more cautious, and Artur Jorge’s moves came in this direction.

Until the end, SC Braga dominated and the result was not affected by any changes: an undisputed victory for gverreiros Who is Minho?