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HomescienceThree neighborhoods in Santos receive smoke against Aedes aegypti

Three neighborhoods in Santos receive smoke against Aedes aegypti

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Three neighborhoods in Santos receive smoke against Aedes aegypti

This year alone, the city recorded 5,118 cases of chikungunya and 3,152 cases of dengue

Disclosure / Santos City

The neighborhoods of Jabaquara, Piratininga and part of Ponta da Praia will receive fog, like smoke, between Tuesday (22) and Thursday (24), against the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the mosquitoes that transmit dengue, chikungunya, Zika virus and urban yellow fever.

Vehicles almost always begin to disperse insecticides after 6 p.m. In Ponta da Praia, smoke will pass through the expanse composed by Pedro Lisa, Mario Covas, Rey Alberto I, General San Martin and Aristotle de Menezes.

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This year, Santos has crossed the 5,000-case mark for chikungunya: 5,118 confirmed cases (with one death), and another 3,152 cases of dengue.


Agents from the Municipal Health Department are asking residents to leave doors and windows open and, if possible, to lift bed covers because Aedes usually hide in places with low light.

They warn that the use of insecticides does not kill mosquitoes until adulthood. Thus, simply draining stagnant water tanks does not prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

The technical head of the Department of Vector Control, Ana Paola Favoretto, emphasizes that it is necessary to clean the contaminated site by rubbing it with a sponge, since the egg can survive for more than a year without water.

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