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Three out of five deaths from H3N2 in Rio did not have flu vaccinations |  Rio de Janeiro

Three out of five deaths from H3N2 in Rio did not have flu vaccinations | Rio de Janeiro

Influenza vaccination day at the Heitor Beltrão Municipal Health Center, in TijucaClipper Mendes Agency / O DIA

Posted on 12/18/2021 18:19 | Updated 12/18/2021 6:21 PM

Rio – Three of the five deaths from H3N2 in 2021 in the state of Rio do not have a record of influenza vaccination. These are the notifications confirmed so far by the state health department, based on data from Sive-Influenza. The file confirms a total of 15 deaths from influenza, adding all types of viruses in circulation.

In 2021, there were two deaths from H1N1 and five deaths from H3N2. Regarding the five, all lived in the city of Rio, where the Ministry of Health classifies influenza cases as a pandemic. Three patients with H3N2 virus victims were women, and two others were men, ages 54 to 86. Three had comorbidities, including diabetes and heart and kidney disease (kidney disease).

influenza pandemic

The Municipal Health Department is already classifying the increase in influenza A as an epidemic in Rio. Data from the Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance Information System (SIVEP-Influenza) confirm that the dramatic increase in influenza cases is out of normal order – including climate.

In addition to the past two winters, the season when flu cases tend to increase, the city of Rio has recorded 19 cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) caused by influenza, the severe form of the disease. But only in November this year, in the middle of spring, the municipality recorded 57 cases of SARS due to influenza.

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