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Three people were killed in a shooting incident in the United States

Three people were killed in a shooting incident in the United States

to me NBC Three people were killed and another injured in a shooting incident in Maryland, USA. As the Maryland authorities confirm to the channel.

NBC He writes that the suspect was shot during an encounter with a police officer. He is said to have escaped in a car, but was caught by the police, and he was said to have turned into a shootout.

Get into the hospital

They write that the person in question has been hospitalized, but the condition is currently unclear.

The authorities informed the newspaper that the police officer sustained minor injuries. The information has not been confirmed by independent sources.

The man’s motive for opening the fire inside the Columbia Machinery Factory is not known.

There are many victims, and the incident is developing at a rapid pace, police reported on Facebook, just before 10 p.m. Norwegian time.

started shooting

When the police left, the shooting was going on, but the suspect was no longer a threat to people. This is what police officer Joshua McCauley said CNN.

It was Thursday night in Norwegian time, when police in Maryland moved into a shooting ring at Columbia Machine in Smithsburg, Maryland.

The suspect is said to have started the shooting inside the Columbia Machinery Building, according to NBC.

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