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Three supporters were prevented from entering the stadiums

Three supporters were prevented from entering the stadiums

In a statement, the Authority to Prevent and Combat Violence in Sports (APCVD) reported the decision regarding the insulting case of a Porto fan, with a child in his arms, who was spit on while they were in an area. from the bench. For Estoril fans.

The three Estoril fans accused of intolerance towards FC Porto fans were banned from entering the stadiums, due to incidents in the meeting between the two clubs in the Boyne League, on September 16.

In a statement, the Authority to Prevent and Combat Violence in Sport (APCVD) reported on the decision issued last week, in the case of insulting a man, with a child in his arms, both wearing Porto club shirts, which they spat on while in the bench area designated for fans of the home.

“The three Estoril fans identified by GNR, in connection with the events of the Estoril Praia-FC Porto match on September 16, have been denied entry to the sports stadiums. The suspects have been notified by the PSP of the decision of the APCVD, which imposes a precautionary measure. Banning access to sports stadiums, thus Waiting for the administrative violation process to end,” as stated in the above-mentioned note.

These three individuals can be punished with fines of between 1,000 and 10,000 euros and a penalty of banning access to sports stadiums for a period of up to two years.

After the accident at the Cascais stadium, according to the APCVD, the father and the child in the Porto shirt, victims of acts of intolerance, remained on the same seat, albeit with a need to move them a few metres. To protect your physical safety.

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The child and father continued in this vein in their club’s shirt, where they were welcomed among Estoril fans, who were distinguished and outraged by the acts of intolerance that had taken place.

The next day, Estoril regretted what had happened, and condemned “any and all acts of violence, of whatever nature”.

“We deeply regret the situation that the daughter of a Porto fan went through at the Antonio Coimbra da Mota stadium, we apologize to her and hope she never fails to appreciate the true essence of the sport. We condemn the attitudes of those who cannot control their emotions and allow the provocative attitudes of alleged football fans to become a moment Unfortunate aggressiveness has no place on the football field,” the statement reads from the Cascais logo.

Estoril ended the memo by making itself available “to continue cooperating with the relevant authorities in the search for appropriate solutions that could prevent this type of event from happening again in a sporting venue”.

Earlier, the Minister of State for Youth and Sports, Joao Paulo Correa, and the president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), Pedro Proenca, disavowed the incident.

It was the second time in a week that the Minister of State for Youth and Sports and the head of the LPFP have regretted incidents with fans at I Liga stadiums.

On September 10, a child was forced to take off a Benfica shirt at the Famalicao stadium, where he and his father were on a bench with the majority of local fans.

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