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Three women watched their ex-wives promote 'Marry at First Sight' and file a complaint with the police - TV

Three women watched their ex-wives promote ‘Marry at First Sight’ and file a complaint with the police – TV

His name is George Roberts, age 40, and he is one of the most popular contestants in the Married At First Sight contest in England, a formula that has also seen three copies in Portugal. Experts married him to a former beauty queen and he became the most popular couple on the English language show. It’s just that viewers still haven’t seen the real George, at least judging by the complaints that three of their contestants’ ex-boyfriends had to the police, barely realizing he’d be on the show.

The show’s wedding was well received by viewers.

The show’s wedding was well received by viewers.

“data-title=”The show’s marriage was well received by viewers – three women watched their ex-wives in the promotion for “Married at First Sight” and lodged a police complaint – MAGG”>

The show’s wedding was well received by viewers.

George is accused of being “manipulative”, “abusive”, “controlling”, “obsessed” among many other things. The complaints were submitted individually by at least three ex-girlfriends, who apparently did not know each other or did not agree with each other. The tone is the same in all: “emotional abuse”. According to The Sun, the women were “horrified” when they saw George appear in the show’s trailer. They began reporting alleged violations of the show’s production, but were ignored and would later go to the police.

George, 40, is a financial advisor, has a 4-year-old daughter, and was married by experts to April Banbury, who was named Miss UK in 2020. The marriage went well and the couple was a favorite with viewers of the show. However, according to now known reports, the relationship will not last for change. “I was so shocked when I saw that he got a platform on a TV showOne of the plaintiffs and George’s ex-husband, who claims to have already told a great deal about who the real George is now the rival’s wife, told the English newspaper. I texted him and already told him I’d report him to the police. They asked for additional information, which I gave, and they didn’t say anything to me. “Before that, the former explains how I’ve tried other methods.” Women. Another complainant confirmed to the English newspaper that she had filed a complaint with the authorities. I have sent everything I have. They said they would look into it.”

A spokesperson for the competitor I heard, “The Sun,” denies everything. George categorically denies these allegationsAs the father of a girl, he finds these accusations very disturbing and does not condone or act upon such abuse. These allegations have not been reported to them, nor have they been investigated or contacted by the police for good reason because they are simply untrue.”

The producer and Channel 4 responsible for the program confirmed that strict controls on competitors have been implemented and “any allegations of this nature are taken seriously”. “We are working closely with production to ensure that all competitors undergo rigorous background and psychological checks, including the most detailed police checks.”

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