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Three years later, the American teenager found:

Three years later, the American teenager found:

He writes CNN And many other American media.

On April 9, police in Summit County, Utah, left after receiving a report of concern that a young man was sleeping outside a closed gas station.

In recent weeks, police have received several reports of a teenager who was seen wandering around with a shopping cart.

Wrong family name

When police officers arrived in an area of ​​Park City, they immediately saw the teenage boy lying shivering in the morning cold. The two officers woke him up and invited him into the police car so that he could feel warm in his body.

OUT IN THE COLD: Police cam image showing the meeting with Connerjack outside the gas station. Photo: Summit County Sheriff’s Office
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It wasn’t long since they started questioning him that they realized that he was communicating differently. They suspected that the boy could have a diagnosis of autism.

Although he refused to give them his name, he allowed them to take his fingerprint. When they searched the database, they found a previous arrest warrant from Nevada for Konerjak Oswald – with a d at the end of the last name.

I found a birthmark

The officers thought it should be more late, and so they began to go through several hundred pages with the missing children and youth. Finally, they stopped at a missing three-year-old poster.

In September 2019, his family reported the missing 16-year-old Konerjak Oswalt of Clearlake, California – about a 12-hour drive from Summit County where he was found.

– Police started calling and were able to call Konerjak’s mother, writes Mayor’s Lieutenant Andrew Wright CNN.

The mother, Susan Flint, is said to have told that the son had a characteristic birthmark on the back of his neck.

The officers found the birthmark on Oswalt, says Wright.

never give up

Konerjak was diagnosed with autism in 2014.

In an interview with CNN, the mother said she remembers preparing lunch for her son. But Konurjak never showed up.

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In the years since September Day in 2019, the family has been able to easily get everywhere after the reported son went missing. They followed every little hint someone could remember.

But even though they did not see or hear any sign of life from the boy, they never gave up hope.

– Do you want to take him?

Oswalt’s stepfather, Gerald Flint, travels with the boy’s grandfather to Utah to identify the teen found by the police.

In a camcorder video that the sheriff’s office shared with CNN, we see Gerald Flint studying footage taken by the police. In disbelief, he can confirm that he is Konerjak.

– Is it, we hear Susan ask over the speakerphone on the stepfather’s cellphone.

– He grows up a little, but yes, answers the husband.

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The mother breaks into tears when she finally learns that it is her son who has now been found.

– My love is alive. Do you want to pick him up, scream crying.

According to CNN, 19-year-old Connerjack Oswalt is now receiving close care and follow-up. So he has not been reunited with his family yet.

What has happened since Oswalt’s disappearance in 2019 or how he ended up in Utah three years later remains unknown.

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