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Tiananmen Square Massacre – Tragic Events in China

“The reaction of the authorities in Beijing is the traditional reaction of the authorities:” Even if you take all the slogans of the protesters the next day, never lead the street, “said Professor of Synology John Rovsky.

The military assassination is the bloody culmination of events that have unfolded in China since mid-April 1989. The protests in the world’s largest square lasted for 6 weeks. On June 4, 1989, the Chinese army fired caterpillars at protesters and fired machine guns. The death toll has never been released. Nearly 5,000 people were killed, according to unofficial data. People, 10 thousand people were injured and almost 2.5 thousand were arrested. People.

Students who support the workers demanded political reforms, democratization of public life and the prevention of growing corruption. The demonstrations supported the late General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Hu Yopong, who is considered a supporter of political reform in China. It has become a symbol of China’s openness to democracy for many young people. The demonstrations were also an expression of rebellion against communist officials.

Although the new general secretary of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Chiang, was willing to speak, the party won the will to resolve the matter by force. At the request of Prime Minister Li Peng, such a solution was supported by Deng Xiaoping, the real leader of China at the time.

The crisis worsened after Michael Gorbachev’s visit to China on May 15. Then the fast began in Tiananmen Square. Students, workers and journalists from other cities joined the protesters. In preparation for the crackdown on protesters, a state of emergency was declared in Beijing, leading to increased protests. Attempts to disperse the students with the help of local military units have failed. This was done only by the 27th Army brought in from the province. On the night of June 4, 1989, thousands of people were massacred on the orders of the authorities.

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After the operation, it was reported that peaceful soldiers had been attacked by students. As soon as the incidents took place, the authorities arrested more than two and a half thousand people, mainly leaders and those who took part in the protests very actively. A dozen or more people were sentenced to death in political trials. In late June 1989, Zhao Chiang was removed from his post.