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Tickets from Miami to Lisbon in TAP business class start from R$2,642 one-way or 179,000 Azul points

Tickets from Miami to Lisbon in TAP business class start from R$2,642 one-way or 179,000 Azul points

How about traveling between the US and Europe in a comfortable cabin beloved? In this article we will show you how to issue an excerpt from it Executive dismissal Between Miami and Lisbon, for R$ 2,642.04 + taxes or 179,000 Azul Fidelidade points by purchasing Livelo points and sending them to the air program. paying off!

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Promotion mechanisms

To issue the ticket, we will combine three different promotions: the purchase of points at a 55% discount on Livelo, the promotion of the sponsored transfer of points from the program to Azul Fidelidade and the possibility to complete the transfer to the air program using points + money.

1. Buy Livelo points at up to 55% discount

Until Sunday (9), Livelo is offering a discount of up to 55% on the purchase of points with installments in up to 12 interest-free installments using exclusive coupons in partnership with s. Check it below:

  • 54% discount: for Classic, Special, Plus and Super Club subscribers;
  • 55% discount: for Mega or Top Club subscribers.

2. Bonus Transfer – Livelo and Azul Fidelidade

We call them reward transfers in which it is possible to get a reward when sending points between two loyalty programs, such as the one that offers a reward of up to 70% on Livelo transfers. The campaign is only valid until Thursday (6). See below what the bonus looks like in the Azul program:

  • 70% bonus + 15% Pointback On Livelo – Clube Azul subscribers that it Livelo Club;
  • 70% bonus – for Clube Azul subscribers;
  • 40% bonus + 15% Pointback On Livelo – Clube Livelo subscribers;
  • 40% Bonus – Other Azul Fidelidade users.

Blue tap points

In addition, Clubes Azul subscribers can receive additional bonuses of up to 20% depending on the length of club membership, according to the rules described below. Remember that the additional bonus for your Clube Azul membership time is a maximum of 20,000 points per year. paying off:

  • + 5% bonus – Clube Azul subscribers for more than 6 months;
  • + 10% bonus – Subscribers to Clube Azul plans of 1000, 2000 and 5000 for more than one year;
  • + 20% bonus – Clube Azul subscribers plan 10,000 and 20,000 for more than one year.
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Can we consider that, in practical terms, this bonus will reach 100% in Azul Fidelidade?

In practice, yes! See below the transfer simulation for active Clube Azul and Clube Livelo subscribers:

  • You send 100,000 Livelo points to Azul Fidelidade;
  • Get a 70% bonus, for a total of 170,000 miles in the airline program; that it
  • Get 15,000 points back in your Livelo account.

In this example, after receiving the points back into your Livelo account, it is as if you had used 85,000 points from the rewards program (since you transferred 100,000 and received 15,000 points back) to generate 170,000 miles on Azul Fidelidade – that is, a final bonus 100% at best.

To learn more, click here.

3. Transfer using the points + cash option

By simulating the transfer of points between Livelo and Azul Fidelidade, we determined the CPM [custo para cada mil pontos] More attractive in points + money mode. In our calculations, we arrived at a value of R$29.50 per thousand with the option to pay in up to 12 interest-free installments. Moreover, it is possible to transfer only 1% of the total number of points. See example:

Ticket value in points

To calculate how much we will spend on this stream, first, we will look up the value in points for the desired segment using Blue around the world, issuance program platform at partner companies, departing from Miami Airport (MIA). Our search was conducted on 5 June, for travel on 11 June 2024. It is worth noting that the date below is just an example, and the user can search for other dates through the Azul website.

Miami (MIA) x Lisbon (LIS)
Airlines: TAP
Value per tranche: 179,000 points + R$170.16 in fees

Blue tap points

Actual cost of issuance

Now, let's calculate the actual cost of this problem. Follow our calculations to convert 100,000 Livelo points into Azul Fidelidade for active Clube Azul and Clube Livelo subscribers on Mega or Top plans (best case scenario in the current transfer campaign and when purchasing points). In this example, we'll be using Livelo's premium offer with a more advantageous CPM when transferring balance to Azul using Points + Money:

  • 1000 points x BRL 31.50 (CPM for points purchase campaign with 55% discount): BRL 31.50
  • 99,000 points remaining in Points + Money Method: R$ 2,920.83
  • Total investment: R$ 2,952.33
  • CPM [custo para cada mil pontos] Livelo: R$29.52
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In other words, you will buy 100,000 Livelo points at a cost per thousand points of R$ 29.52, which will be converted into 170,000 miles on Azul Fidelidade, taking into account a bonus of 70%. In addition there is 15% Pointback For Clube Livelo subscribers, which means that practically 85,000 Livelo will be transferred. Therefore, the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) on Azul Fidelidade will be as follows:

  • 85,000 Livelo points x R$29.52 = R$2,509.48
  • Number of points obtained in Azul Fidelidade: 170,000 (70% bonus):
  • Azul Fidelidade CPM: R$14.76

Once you find out the CPM of R$ 14.76 for Azul Fidelidade, simply multiply it by the number of pips we will use from the program. see below:

  • Redemption price in points: 179,000 each way;
  • Actual cost per section: 179 x R$14.76 = R$2,642.04

It should be noted that to carry out the issuance in Azul Fidelidade, airport taxes will be charged, which must be included in the final cost of your trip. In this example, we are only considering the cost of generating miles.

Finally, if you have Livelo membership points, keep in mind that in this case, the CPM may be cheaper. Also remember the CPM [custo para cada mil pontos] It may be lower for those who are entitled to an additional bonus of up to 20% in connection with their subscription to Clube TudoAzul. However, it is also important to note that the Clube Azul time bonus is capped at 20,000 points per year.

Livelo Club

We have a gift for anyone who wants to be part of the Livelo Club: a 200% bonus! By adding the coupon 'CLUBELIVELOPP' [sem aspas] at the time of SignatureOver the course of 20 months, you will earn additional rewards for every two months of subscription, ensuring up to 40,000 points depending on the club chosen.

*The coupon cannot be combined with other offers on the site.

Learn how Clube Livelo works.

Factors to consider

If you want to implement this version, it is important to consider some factors:

  • The cost of earning points may be lower if you already have a balance in Livelo or Azul Fidelidade;
  • Don't forget that both Clube Livelo and Clube Azul have a monthly cost, which may vary according to the chosen club;
  • To carry out the release in Azul Fidelidade, there are airport taxes that must be included in the final cost of your trip. In this, we only take into account the cost of generating points;
  • Return points will be credited to Livelo for up to 30 calendar days after the end of the campaign; that it
  • Bonus points will be credited to your Azul Fidelidade account within 15 business days after the campaign end date. Redemption examples shown here are subject to availability and may be sold at any time. Keep this issue in mind before sharing.
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This is another one of the celebrities Paranoia, which can allow you to travel more comfortably in business class while paying the economy class price. If you want to travel between the United States and Europe in a cabin beloved, This could be an excellent opportunity!

However, remember to take into account the factors presented here and pay special attention to the deadline for adding bonus points to your Azul Fidelidade account. Dates are subject to Azul airline availability.

Are you thinking about taking advantage? To perform the issuance process, log in to Azul Fidelidad websiteTo buy Livelo points at a discount click here and to transfer points to Azul Fidelidade with a bonus click here.

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