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Time goes.  Cristina Ferreira fails to introduce Pedro Teixeira and sends a substitute and will travel – Nacional

Time goes. Cristina Ferreira fails to introduce Pedro Teixeira and sends a substitute and will travel – Nacional

Friday 20th January was an eventful day for TVI. At 11 a.m., two successful years of “Esta Manhã” were celebrated. Nuno Iero, Sara Souza Pinto, Eva Dominguez and Susana Pinto (Pedro Carvalhas was still recovering from a health scare) welcomed the press to an informal breakfast to mark the success of the morning show, which mixed entertainment and information.

Santiago Lagoa makes it all clear about his passing and Christina Ferreira looks bad in the photo

Absent … only Cristina Ferreira left in her right hand Joao Patricio, honoring the main host. Furthermore, he would end up explaining to the media that the director of entertainment and fiction wasn’t there for bigger reasons: she was at a budget meeting, or the station was currently reworking some program that was about to debut.

Backstage and stage photos from “Christina Talks”

A little over an hour later, it is Pedro Teixeira’s turn, proudly, to present his “boy”: the program to counter the dominance of RTP in the former information time, “Fay o Racha”. The show was attended by the enthusiastic representative of “Festa é Festa”, ready to present the “best awards of the season”, the program’s producer director, Freemantle, Frederico Ferreira de Almeida … and again João Patricio, instead. Christina Ferrera.

Pedro Teixeira Go or Crack

Even with the director absent, there was no shortage of enthusiasm on the part of Pedro Teixeira, who decided to “get everyone in a good mood” with a program that “will be for the whole family”. But where was the mistress? Two hours later, it was Mario Ferreira, a major shareholder of TVI, who clarified. In a photo taken at lunchtime, he and Cristina Ferreira were apparently deciding on the future of the station, as he himself made a point of illustration. “Business as usual, but this time we have a competing photographer at the door with a hidden telephoto lens. We thought we should make the job easier and expected it this way. We are celebrating 30 years of TVI soon and with a great deal,” he revealed.

This was the TVI Fiction Gala

Who was not, apparently? José Eduardo Muñiz … that appeared on Mario Ferreira’s page, already in another space. “theJoy and optimism to celebrate the 30th anniversary of TVI, “the owner of TVI pointed out again.” Shared goals with the enthusiasm of those who believe in a bright future, ”José Eduardo Muniz answered on social networks.

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But Christina’s surprises didn’t stop there. On Saturday, the TVI director appeared on a beach in Brazil. With the caption, “The only thing you should be loyal to is yourself,” he wrote on his social networks, showing off a hotel pool, and accompanying it with photos of a no-frills beach.

Christina Ferreira travels to Brazil

It is reported that just this week, the star admitted to missing out on life at the Vila Nova de Milfontes camping site, where she spent her holidays.

After the best luxury hotels, Christina Ferreira just wants to go back to the Vila Nova de Milfontes camping site

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