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To curb dengue, Canoas hires 100 new agents

To curb dengue, Canoas hires 100 new agents

To combat the increase in dengue cases in Canoas, the city is preparing to hire 100 health agents for the next few days. The information was provided by Municipal Health Surveillance Director Elisian Amorim at the end of this week.

To stop dengue fever, Canoas hires 100 new agents
Photo: Photo: Guilherme Pereira/PMC

“The recruitment is likely to be done by the municipal health institution, it is urgent at this moment,” the health servant explained. Contracted agents may have a service period of 6 months to 2 years.

28 to 100

For comparison purposes, the Department of Health currently has 28 agents distributed in different areas of the city, working on measures to raise awareness and eradicate mosquitoes.

high cases

This week, the city council confirmed that 20 people had been infected with the Aedes aegypti mosquito, with 9 imported cases and 11 community cases. Another 128 suspects are under investigation. The cases are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Rio Branco, Fatima and Mathias Filho. But there are also cases of the disease in Ijara, Estancia Velha, Ellaria and Marechal Rondon. In these places, endemic disease control agents carry out actions at strategic points such as tire repair shops, recycling stations and material deposits.

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