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Today is World LEGO Day and these are the best ways to celebrate (with discounts!)

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On January 28, World LEGO Day is celebrated! To celebrate the big day, we'll tell you the best way to celebrate (with discounts to mix in!).

When we think of toys, several types and brands initially come to mind, such as BarbieYou Action man And the hot wheels. But it's just there A game that can become everyone's favoriteunanimously.

Hey LEGO has become a Symbol of the world Of play, fun and creativity. Perfect for everyone and all ages, the mini pieces manage to captivate everyone thanks to the different themes present.

Today we celebrate a very special day. On January 28, 1958, Godtfried Kirk Christiansen He wrote the first golden page of the great history of the Danish brand File a patent for your first LEGO piece!

Therefore, since this day should not go unnoticed, we have some suggestions for it Celebrate this day in the best way!

Big discounts!


International LEGO Day did not go unnoticed by many Trademarks. We can find a few across all the major retailers based in Portugal Promotions range from 20% to 40%! In this sense, if you are looking for a collection that is difficult to find, go to the online store at PCDIGA. There you will find some discontinued collections at 30% off.

But there is more! in Fnack There is another very good upgrade. With a guaranteed 20% discount and 30% discount for those with a store card, you will be able to find more than 240 sets at a discounted price. Finally, there is the best discount. In the online store Continent You'll find hundreds and hundreds of sets at 20% off. In some cases there may be discounts rises to 40%.

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But there is something better…

Lego World Day interview sets Harry Potter Star Wars toy discounts
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Build a group (preferably with someone else!). any Now is the time to assemble a collection but today even more so. If you don't have any sets to collect at the moment, you can always create your own MOC!

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What is your favorite group? What is your favorite topic?

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