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PSI-20 grading for a maximum of four months with CTT release at 10% - Bolsa

TODAY Lisbon Weekly Highs Since 2015. Altri Leads Gains – Bolsa

The PSI ended the last session of the week up 0.71% to 6106.11 points, remaining at its highest level since 2015. The Portuguese market, however, had the least gain among the major European stock exchanges. Only three listed companies closed in the red, while Cortesera Amorim closed the day unchanged and 11 listed companies recorded gains.

Altri led the rise in the national market with a gain of 3.23%, to 6.56 euros, with investors praising Dividend Proposal It was announced yesterday at the end of the day.

Mota-Engil also featured, with an increase of 2.30%, having also announced Profit payable, but also by acknowledging that it will be able to pay an additional dividend in October based on business performance in the first half of the year. As revealed by construction win a contract of more than 200 million dollars in Côte d’Ivoire.

The numbers, in turn, rose 1.94% to 3,984 euros on the day when JPMorgan raises its target price From the company. Similarly, Galp and Jerónimo Martins, which gained 1.90% and 1.48% respectively, have undergone upward revisions to their stock targets. In the case of the oil company before Morgan Stanleywhile the owner of Pingo Doce was rated by Kepler chofro.

BCP and Sonae closed the group of listed companies above 1%, up 1.12% and 1.08%, respectively.

The electricity sector was responsible for all the declines that occurred during the day, on the day the government’s intention to tax the extraordinary profits obtained from high energy prices was announced. Greenvolt is down 1.89%, EDPR is down 1.30% and EDP is down 0.22%.

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