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Tokyo 2020: Condor and Socio say goodbye to the Olympics

Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Łosiak lost to the Spaniards Pablo Herrera and Adrian Cavira.

Pyotr Condor and Bardos Sosiac lost to Pablo Herrera and Adrian Cavira of Spain in the play-offs for promotion to the Olympic Beach Volleyball 1/8 Final. Competition in Tokyo.

The first game lasted 33 minutes, and the Poles missed four set balls, losing 29:31. They won the second set 21:19, but at the tiebreak they only got seven points and they said goodbye to the match.

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Both teams finished third in their groups. Condor and Sociak suffered two defeats and recorded a victory – 2-0 over Japanese Yusuke Ishijima and Katsuhiro Shirdori, allowing them to take third place.

Krzekors Fijasek and Mike Braille advanced from second place in their group to the top “16” Olympics. On Monday, their rivals, the Italians Pavlo Nikolai and Daniel Lupo, advanced to the quarterfinals, beating Condor and Socin 2-1 in the group stage.


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