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Tom Hanks picks his favorite movies.  None of them won an Oscar - current events

Tom Hanks picks his favorite movies. None of them won an Oscar – current events

The three favorite Tom Hanks movies that Tom Hanks picked himself may not match the ones that many of his fans would.

During an interview on your podcastBill Simmons challenged the actor to pick TOP3 after noticing that the responses were so different that he had received them from 30 friends, but he left aside “Forrest Gump” (a 1994 film which, in addition to winning his second Academy Award, held a very special place in popular culture, especially in the United States).

Tom Hanks accepted the challenge, but using another criterion: the personal experience while he was making the films rather than how the outcome was (in quality, box office or awards).

The result is a list that doesn’t include “Big,” “The Tuning of Love,” “Toy Story,” “Saving Private Ryan,” or other career classics, not even the “Forrest Gump” or “Philadelphia” that won its first gold figurine.

The company of the family during the filming is the common element in all the selections, and the favorite movie is “League of Women” (1992), in which the actor recalls a wonderful summer playing baseball and the warm atmosphere of the American “Midwest”.

Women’s League (1992)

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Women’s League (1992)

The second is “The Untouchable” (2000), accompanied by the family again “in the middle of the ocean” in Fiji trying to film scenes and “nothing but everyday adventures”, including swimming in order to catch the boat first. From sunrise to photography. Another island and again on the way back.

To close the list, Tom Hanks chose The Wachowski Sisters’ “Cloud Atlas” (2012), based on David Mitchell’s bestseller, in which the film’s story unfolds in multiple timelines over a 500-year period, with the actors playing the characters. who are born and born again.

The history fanatic recalled filming in many locations in Germany, but especially the deep experience in making the film that brought together a giant team “Hope and Dream and Nothing but a Circle of Love”.

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