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Tomaino honors science and health professionals by donating 'Lemani' to Asl 5

Tomaino honors science and health professionals by donating ‘Lemani’ to Asl 5

It is red because red is the color of blood and pain, but it is also the color of passion. It is simple in its forms because it wants to be a symbol of closeness, help and cooperation.” This is how Mr. Giuliano Tomaino, sculptor and painter, tells his story “the hands” The work he wanted to donate to Asl 5 so it remains a tangible and visible sign of the pandemic and the ongoing commitment that health care workers are doing at vaccination centers.
The idea was born precisely from the Asl 5 team who wanted to ask the artist to create something that could somehow convey, in something, a sense of community for the value of the science that produced the Covid vaccines.

Tomaino immediately accepted the challenge and innovated “the hands” Weighing 200 kilograms, it is 1.60 meters high and 1.20 meters wide, and as the artist tells us, “The painted iron indicates a symbol I have used in my other works: the stylized hands touch to always show the ability to rely on someone else, making sure that someone is ready to help, With that in mind, the materials to make it were provided free of charge by Siderurgica Toscana and InTech, for whom I thank.”
To better represent the message of the fraternity, the work was handed over to ASL 5 unfinished: to finish it, it would be necessary to intervene by the operators of vaccination centers who decorated them with colorful rubber caps that closed the vaccine vials.
“I thought of the form – concludes the master – but the essence of the statue must be the craftsmanship of the nurses who worked so hard in this period. The result will be coral, a bust of them but above all with them. Steel and creativity for a common social work where everyone can add detail, small details and piece She is part of the whole.”

“When Maestro Tomaino accepted our request – commented Maria Alessandra Massi, Director of Social and Health Affairs at Asl 5 – we knew right away that we would be given a beautiful gift: the opportunity to see a work of art in two very difficult years. The Limani project will soon be completed and we will show it to the city. After that, we plan to spread it across all company offices as a sign of commitment and sacrifice for the greater good.”

Giuliano Tomaino donates