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Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why) Transgender: "I'm finally myself"

Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why) Transgender: “I’m finally myself”

Tommy Dorfman, who starred remarkably well in the Netflix series13 Reasons Why, Transgender people came out in an interview with the American press this Thursday, July 22nd.

Tommy Dorfman, Who played Ryan Shaver in the first two seasons of the winning Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Transgender people came out in an interview Time Released this Thursday, July 22nd. “For a year I have been identifying as a woman and living personally – a trans woman”, He explained. “It’s funny to think of coming out because I’m not anywhere”, She continues. Coming out has always been considered a great eye opener, but I never stopped being a woman. Today, it’s a question of clarifying things: I’m a trance girl. My nickname is ‘she’. My name is Tommy. ” He adds: “It’s not a change. Nor is it, but with the intention of going somewhere. I’m finally myself.”

Tommy Dorfman now refuses to act in roles “Male

In this interview, the actress spoke specifically about other areas of her career. Because my body and face are intertwined with my career, it is impossible for me to separate my personal and professional change. I was worried that by making an active change in my personal life, I would lose the career I was supposed to be. But I don’t want to play ‘male’ characters anymore – except for the way Cate Blanchett plays Bob Dylan. Sometimes you just have to say, ‘No, that’s me.’, Clearly stated Tommy Dorfman. “It was fun. I loved acting, but I hated going to work. I always felt so embarrassed. Now I know why.”, He added. Lena also got her first role as a woman in Dunham’s next film, Sharp stick. As for her first name, the actress chose to keep it for a very personal reason. “I feel very attached to this name, it came from an uncle who held me in his arms when he died. “, Said. Before adding: “This is Tommy’s evolution. I’m more than Tommy.”

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An inspiring message on his Instagram account

On his Instagram account, Tommy Dorfman She was happy to present herself to the world as the woman she is today. Before expressing our gratitude to those who found this path for her and allowed her to be. “I am especially grateful to all the trans people who walk this path, breaking down barriers and risking their lives to live as truly and seriously as themselves before me. Thank you to all the trans women who have shown me who I am, how I live, how I celebrate, and my place in this world. “, He wrote in the title of his series of photographs.