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"Tomorrow is ours": New credits produced by Vienna for the thousandth episode

“Tomorrow is ours”: New credits produced by Vienna for the thousandth episode

For the thousandth episode of the series “Tomorrow is ours tomorrow” airing on TF1 Thursday, August 26 at 7:10 pm, singer Viennese took note of the new arrivals.

The popular series airing through DF1 will air its thousandth episode on Thursday 26th August at 7:10 pm. To celebrate the event, opening credits will change. It will no longer be Lou Jean’s “tomorrow” that audiences will hear, except for a work composed, written and performed by singer Viennese. A singer with a great profile of a nephew well known for songs like “Bass Lee”, “Step-Daddy”, “I’m Leaving” and “Tambo”.

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The music title has not yet been released and will be revealed during the broadcast of this thousandth episode on Thursday 26th August. So the bad news for subscribers of the online video service Salto is that they can watch the episode 48 hours in advance, but without Viennese music.

Vienna, on the other hand, will be on the soundtrack of the series available for legal download on online streaming sites.

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New players are entering

In addition to Viani’s new arrivals, Emmanuel Moyer joins the series as a French author and as Jennifer Lauret, Xavier Deluxe, Alexander Varga and Victoria April. TF1 promises a fantastic plot to its audience.

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