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Tomorrow the starry night is raining in Portugal

Tomorrow the starry night is raining in Portugal

The Lisbon Astronomical Observatory announced that Between the 28th and the 29th of July will be the peak activity of the Delta Aquarids. The flash that astounds us so much has to do with the entry into the Earth’s atmosphere by fragments of Comet 96P Machholz, which disintegrate when they penetrate it.”.

Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower (1) It began on July 18 and will continue until August 21, on the night of July 28 to 29 (New Year’s Eve – the darkest night), which will peak, and can be observed between 15 at 20 meteors per hour.

According to experts, the best time at night to observe this phenomenon is after midnight, more specifically around two or three in the morning.

So, if the weather permits and the sky is completely dark, cloudless or rain-free, go to a viewpoint, a mountain, or some other out-of-the-way place (for less light) and enjoy this shower of stars, which although not very intense allow for an observation Just over 10 of these little bits per hour.

(1) The Delta Aquarids meteors originate from Comet 96P Machholz (it orbits the Sun every 5 years) and appear when our Earth crosses the orbital path of a comet. The name given to this shower of stars derives from the effects of its stars appearing to come from a point in the constellation Aquarius, which astronomers call radiant.