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Tonali will be suspended for 10 months – Newcastle

Tonali will be suspended for 10 months – Newcastle

The Italian midfielder’s penalty for illegal betting has already been agreed. All that’s left is to make it official

Nicolo Fagioli has already been banned for seven months for illegal betting and now it’s Sandro Tonali’s turn. Like the Juventus midfielder, the Newcastle player has now also admitted that he had a gambling addiction problem and needed to solve it, and therefore agreed to a deal with the Italian Federal Prosecutor’s Office. Thus, according to the local press, Tonali is preparing to serve a 10-month ban, which will deprive the 23-year-old midfielder of the rest of the season at the English club – yesterday he was still playing in the Champions League – and also from the Italian national team, missing Euro 2024, where the Azzurri will defend the title… if they qualify. He will also be excluded at the start of next season.

In addition to the ban, Rafael Leao’s former teammate will also have to fulfill other obligations. Like Fagioli, the midfielder will have to complete a treatment program and also participate in measures to combat the so-called gambling disorder – gambling addiction.


The President of the Italian Federation confirms Tonali's suspension for 10 months

Remember, Sandro Tonali admitted that he even bet on Milan matches, an aggravating circumstance that could even merit a three-year ban. The outcome was avoided by the agreement reached between the footballer’s lawyers and the Italian Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Legal action is on the horizon

With the 10-month ban not officially issued, this scenario represents a particular problem for Newcastle, which signed Tonali last summer and paid 64 million euros to Milan. In this way, the Italian press revealed that the English had already threatened to take legal action worth a million dollars against the Milan team, where the midfielder played for three seasons after his appearance in Brescia. Furthermore, the player’s salary (around 8 million euros per year) will also be suspended as of the first day of the suspension.

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Written by Jose Angelico