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Tondela makes Red Lantern

Tondela makes Red Lantern

In a match that was not very glamorous, in which the coldness of the killers prevailed, Tondela benefited from a double from the experienced Roberto to win in his visit to the stronghold, on loan, over the bottom of the standings, Lanc Villaverdines, with a score of 1-2.

In a match unprecedented in Portuguese football, Tosé Marchico changed the team design slightly, in the absence of Jota Gonçalves, and played Villa das Aves, on loan from Lanc Vilavirdense, in a 4×4×2 format, but that was not the end of the matter. The match was exciting in the first half. Even teams entered with desire and intensity, but without much ball action and with their half-fields well away from the decision-making areas, which resulted in some of the magic being lost. However, somewhat surprisingly, Lank scored the opening goal, in the 33rd minute, as Yannick Semedo responded to a fine Maviram cross, to make it 1-0.

Tondela, who always had the bigger ball, has tried to take control once and for all since then and has progressed, despite attacking difficulties. However, in the 45th minute, Rogerio Santos received a terrible cross, fouled Roberto and awarded a penalty kick, which he ended up saving after Ba’s shot. But the emotions did not end there before the end of the first half, and just one minute later Tondela scored, as Roberto responded to a corner kick taken by Antonio Xavier on the right flank, making the score 1-1. A fair result for what both teams presented in the first half.

More and better were called for in the second half and the teams returned with desire, although with the same problems in terms of communication and assertiveness with the ball, until Lank began to press higher and with more people, prompting Tondela to try. On the ropes for a good while, while Ricardo Silva held the team back for as long as possible.

But Tondela benefited from another penalty kick, due to a handball from Armando Lopez, in the 79th minute, in a phase in which they had done little to deserve it, and this time, he crossed Roberto Rogerio and scored the goal 1-2. , to turn the game. Since then, Lank tried hard to get something out of the game and went all the way to the end, with Bruno Silva and Joao Caido as the main promoters, but Tondela held on tooth and nail and ended up winning, moving up to 11th place. Because you, in turn, remain in last place.