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Tonight on TV, Lu maknihpik (C-8) you want to see the movie?

Tonight on TV, Lu maknihpik (C-8) you want to see the movie?

Released in French theaters in 1973, Awesome The film is older than the films we are used to discussing here. But now, Philip de Proca’s film is a “classic” that deserves our attention.

With him Pitch Sympathetic and glamorous and Jean-Paul Belmondo title, Fabulous Does he have what it takes to impress you? Want to see the movie this Sunday or see it again? Answer below.

  • Awesome C-8 can be found in the June 13, Sunday night at 9:05.

Summary of the film

Writer Franசois Merlin tries to somehow end the adventures of his hero, the invincible spy Bob Saint-Clare. But the latter is in place to succeed in everything he undertakes, in applying ikovaik writer suffocating her replacement. He imagines the adventures of the invincible spy, telling the protagonists of the adventure the realities of those who rubbed their shoulders. So begins the incredible adventure.

Our Comment on Le Magnific

Published for more than 45 years, Awesome Generates so little result. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s brilliant in every moment of its writing or writing. On the other hand, it brings an energy, a pep talk, and humor.

Before long OSS 117, Philip de Proca had already decided to parody the spy pictures. As a result of the amalgamation of the limitations of the script into a happy cheerful “chaos”. We do not appreciate Fabulous Not the worst of all, but the softness of its atmosphere. The performance of the parody strikes first, the agility with which he uses the canons of the genre to make fun of himself in his own way.

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In the lead role, Jean-Paul Belmondo is perfect, as is Bob Saint-Clare in the skin of Franசois Merlin. Sometimes cabotine, sometimes puppet, the actor is very funny with a good sense of humor. Apparently, the two characters do not interact much with it. First he lives a potty and sad existence in his seed apartment. Secondly, a sublime, with unparalleled talent agent, that calls for him to place his duty to go and faces many dangers.

The film does a good job of integrating this duality into its stories. The difference is ridiculous, but it makes it glamorous Massive. Merlin is the direct opposite of Saint-Clare, and the film feeds on these differences to fully enable the mock card. One of the realities is dull, but human and believable. The other is to give the film the level of action it needs and make you dream.

Overall speed is good despite some speed and excessive results. Otherwise, the jokes are attached, and on the humorous side we are happy Enormous, Like the adventures of the hero imagined by Franுவாois Merlin. Exotic spy lines draw more caricature lines and amplify fight scenes. His writer-alternative ego makes him dream less, but he deserves to fill an imagination.

If you’ve seen this before, this is a good opportunity to see it again Awesome Thursday evening. Even decades later it is still a hobby to watch. If you have not yet had the opportunity to immerse yourself in the adventures of Bob Saint-Clare, now is the time to do so. Awesome Do not deceive yourself.

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