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Tony Carrera became a "firing weapon" in the war between Christina Ferrera and Danielle Oliveira - Nacional

Tony Carrera became a “firing weapon” in the war between Christina Ferrera and Danielle Oliveira – Nacional

The war is intensifying for Portugal’s TV viewers. Since returning to TVI, Cristina Ferrera has made it clear that her goal has been to regain first place on the podium, A position that has helped SIC recover In 2018, when he accepted Daniel Oliveira’s invitation to move to Francisco Pinto Palcimao television.

After the competition results, TVI’s Director of Entertainment and Fantasy did everything to show the service, in a process that cannot be immediate but this You actually had some big failures along the way, like “Christina’s Day” or “We’re All Together Now”And big investments and bets from TVI’s “Big Boss”.

Hence any sign of hope that Cristina reinforces on her social networks. This is what happened after the April numbers were closed by the entity measuring audiences in Portugal. SIC, by Daniel Oliveira, was the first to sang victory. “ SIC wins the 27th consecutive month of leadership, 114 consecutive weeks, and has the best result since July 2020 and Won 109 out of the 120 days of 2021, that is, 91% of winsCan be read.

Cristina did not stay and after three hours her reaction was equal in tones of victory: “TVI has grown by 30% compared to the same period last year last year. The new novel “Festa é Festa” has appeared with great success and provides clear indications of future driving during prime time. “

Tony Carrier Trump

In this war without a truce, the battle was fought episode after episode almost like a TV series, A valuable new asset is now emerging, powered by two channels: Tony Carrera.

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Romantic singer, owner of TVI shares at the invitation of Christina Ferreira, SIC chose to announce the association the Carrera family created to honor Sarah, Who passed away in December 2020. A project with many faces known to support, from Joao Baiao to Manuel Luis Gosha, passing through Catarina Furtado, Fernanda Serrano or Claudio Ramos, She does not, at the moment, have a picture of Christina Ferreira. “It is an honor and pride for SIC to be the audiovisual medium through which the Sarah Carrera Association will reach the community,” congratulates Danielle Oliveira, giving an extra pin on its competitor.

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