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Tony Carrera clarifies car crash rumors: 'Don't take advantage of this big pain'

Tony Carrera clarifies car crash rumors: ‘Don’t take advantage of this big pain’

After responding to the news that reported an alleged car accident earlier in the weekAnd the Tony Carrier They took to social media, Friday, October 14, to clarify for fans.

“Hello everyone and everyone. I am out of Portugal and I am getting a lot of messages from a lot of worried people because I “apparently” had a car accident. I would like to thank everyone for their interest, but I have had no accidents. Just in the crowd, stop, gentleman, very kind, park my car. That’s just. just this onementioned in a joint statement on his website Facebook.

Then the singer criticized the publication that spread the news. What saddens me the most now is to see a certain magazine write that this incident reminded me of the tragedy that caused the loss of my daughter. I can not Talk”shaded.

Please respect the grief of the family who will not recover from this irreparable loss. I really appeal: Please do not take advantage of this great pain that will never go away”And the accomplishment.

Remember that the youngest daughter of the artist, Sarah CarreraHe lost his life in a tragic car accident in December 2020. He was 21 years old.

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