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Tony Nadal talks about the final Australian Open final

Tony Nadal He spoke loudly and clearly about the final past Open de Australia. Rafa’s former coach left a regular column Country In which he responded long and hard in the fight for the title. The promises he writes, yes, go straight to the point Daniel Medvedev. Mallorgan was disappointed with the little struggle and reaction ability that Muscovite displayed during the final, exploring the importance of managing emotions and removing weight, in his view, from the importance of statistics in tennis.

Tony defined the final match captured by the Serbs “A little controversial conflict and Less intelligent, A definition that contradicts the high expectations he had for this final. According to Rafa’s former coach, the final “Punishment in practice” With the break of the twelfth game in the first set, that would allow Novak Djokovic to concede the first set and take the first step of the final fight in Melbourne. “Until that moment, we saw a scoreboard that evenly distributed the qualifications, and different changes in strategy on the part of the two tennis players.”.

He begins to address an issue of increasing importance in modern tennis: The Data and statistics. According to Tony, it is common for work teams to sit down with their player to watch their opponent’s previous matches, starting with developing a strategy based on the opponent’s characteristics, focusing more on the shapes of the game, the speed at which they print the ball, or the direction and purpose of his services.

For all of this, of course there is a goal: to be able to recover information that makes a difference, and to find some details that can be put into practice to bring the game to your balance from the first moment. “Today, anyone interested can access the vast amount of data that various specialized companies put into the service of players. I find the reality of our game to be much simpler or more complex.”.

What does Tony mean by this duality? . No matter how advanced we are, it is impossible to measure the control of our emotions and our mental strength. “

It is at this point that one of the coaches who traveled on the tour is most affected by the seasons. In his words, it was Mental aspect In the Grand Slam final, he defeated Daniel Medvedev in an already very complicated attempt to defeat Novak Djokovic. That attribute of the champion is not that quality and quantity variation; There is no spirit, no race and no heart in the Rod Laver arena. In addition, if Mallorgen was clear about anything, he did not understand much of the strategy for shifting all pre-match pressures to Serbian days.

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“The result of the match showed that he was under a lot of pressure. The difference between winning or losing your first major, no matter how young you are, is overweight, which is what Daniel mainly blamed.. He couldn’t fight every ball Do not surrender to the maximum at every point of the party: this is the most basic data I have ever seen in the most advanced and detailed figures. “