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Tony Ramos: There is news about the health of the actor – Vervier

Tony Ramos: There is news about the health of the actor – Vervier

The Brazilian actor underwent brain surgery last Thursday.

05/20/2024 • 22 h 07
Sonia Dias

Four days after undergoing delicate brain surgery, 75-year-old Tony Ramos is recovering well.

The Brazilian actor underwent surgery for a subdural hematoma on Thursday, May 16. After leaving intensive care on Saturday, he suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and had to return to the operating room.

Given the news that he underwent surgery again, the hospital issued a statement saying that the actor is improving.

“Samaritano Botafogo Hospital reports that actor Toni Ramos is recovering from the second surgery performed by Dr. Paulo Niemeyer, yesterday (19/05), after suffering from clotting disorders that led to the formation of a new hematoma inside the skull. Today (20/05), the patient underwent an imaging examination The CT scan, which showed a significant improvement in the progression of the clinical condition, as Tony Ramos became stable, conscious, awake, and breathing without the assistance of devices.”can be read in the document cited by the magazine “Quem”.

Remember, Tony Ramos underwent brain surgery for the first time To drain a subdural hematoma, i.e. an accumulation of blood between the skull and the brain. The actor had been hospitalized after feeling ill, which forced him to cancel the recording of a film in which he participated.

According to some friends, Toni Ramos was already showing symptoms behind the scenes of “Terra e Paixão”, a Globo-produced TV series that will soon debut on SIC, and some of them They were surprised by the actor's frequent complaints of pain and sudden changes in mood.

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