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‘Too forbidden’ for Syro to propose to Mariana Pacheco: ‘It must be her’

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Mariana Pacheco And the singer Siro They are living one of the happiest stages of their lives. Dating for a few months now it all started under some confidentialityThe actress and artist no longer hide the love that unites them, and the relationship has even reached a professional level.

Recently, the couple divorced First musical act togetherwhich is Mariana Pacheco’s return to the music business, where she also started.

Mariana Pacheco and Ciro: Those Who Take the First Step, music for two people and pet snakes

And this Wednesday, June 14th, the couple was on Joanna CruzAnd Rodrigo Gomez that it Daniel Fontura, in RFM, for a very entertaining interview. The two ended up challenging to play on ao’A slap in the faceand make some detection.

In addition to mentioning how they met again, or even how the singer registered Mariana’s mobile phone number for the first time, there were other details that became known.

The actress was asked how she likes to be proposed, and Syro took the opportunity to offer an “clarification.”

You’re touching on a sensitive issue there, very sensitive, Because I am forbidden to ask her to marry me. It must be herexplained the musician.

Then Mariana explained the reason for this decision: “Because he asked me to date him at 4:00 am at Musicbox, in a not very recommended case. I’m afraid the proposal is in McDonald’sHe said, among many laughs.

On the other hand, the actress says that Siro would like her proposal to take place in a secluded place, away from confusion or crowds. Now watch the moment below:

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Mariana Pacheco: “I don’t think I’m going to leave this world without releasing an album. I’m in no hurry, but I have a lot of words written.”

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