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Top 15 Nintendo Switch Games

Top 15 Nintendo Switch Games

a Nintendo Switch It is the fifth best selling video game in history and continues to expand its player base. Part of the console’s success can be explained by its hybrid character, which turns a desktop into a portable game console. Another important reason is the games in its catalog.

In addition to the classic series from nintendoCaptivating fans across generations of platforms, Switch is a new home for indie adventures that attracts casual gamers, old fans, and new pioneers. If you are entering the world of Mario Company, or just looking for your next adventure, Canaltech Listed are the 15 best games available for Nintendo Switch right now. paying off:

15. Bayonetta 2

With more movement and elegance, Bayonetta 2 Continue to fight to defeat angels and demons from the world created by PlatinumGames (astral seriesAnd the Yoke: automatic). The developer has his own formula, with “Action” focused on dynamic combat in the hack and slash genre.

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The gameplay mixes hallucinations with breathtaking battles. The protagonist appears armed with a gun in each hand and one in each foot. Bayonetta Destroy opponents with combo attacks that are beautiful and brutal. Chapter Two has an online co-op mode for players where you can bet and work with friends to wreak havoc together. Until the arrival of Bayonetta 3 in 2022, it’s still the first part of the best demand on the Nintendo Switch.

14. No game: wrong dimension

A game that does everything to convince the player that it cannot be played. No game: wrong dimensions It’s more than just a video game adventure, it’s a console experience that makes fun of the industry and delivers highly creative puzzles.

The player embarks on the title in the role of Beyond the Language, unable to play the game he has just purchased. the villain There is no game It is the game itself, that will do everything for you to complete the adventure. In the process, the player enters a dimensional portal and continues to run replicas of the legend of zeldaAnd the Jinshin effect And even face the live action scenes with the flight developers. All this creativity served very well in There is no game On the Switch, Game Warranty is on the list.

13. The Episode Fit for Adventure

Since the time of the Wii, Nintendo has always known how to combine the simplicity of its motion controls with complex adventures that include physical exercises for players. The company has reached a new height for this relationship A ring fit for adventure.

Powered by two accessories sold in the game bundle, the Ring-Con and the leg strap, A ring fit for adventure Turns a fun journey to defeat the dragon into full-body exercise programs. There are over 60 different activities, with over 100 levels and adjustable difficulty settings. The sport can still be played for two, with 12 local mini-co-op games.

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12. Splatoon 2

The chaotic action game that pits teams of four players against each other, Splatoon 2 It is definitely one of the most innovative games of recent years. It is possible to play the single-player campaign, which is full of challenges and bosses in the platform, or to face other players in online modes.

The concept of using ink weapons in combat creates a creative and colorful experience. In a light and simple way, but very frantic, Splatoon 2 It still allows teaming up with up to 4 players in co-op missions in Salmon Run mode.

11. Celestial

cyan It is an equally challenging and exciting journey. The player must help the protagonist Madeline confront her inner demons on a journey to the top of the mountain that gives the game its name. This is not only one of the best titles of 2018, but also of recent years.

The platformer title was one of the first indie adventures to earn a Game of the Year nomination at the Game Awards – and it’s no wonder. cyan It is very keen on the challenge, with more than 700 rooms, but at the same time cares a lot about the story, with nice staff and a story of self-discovery. Although it’s available for PC and other consoles, the game feels like it was born to run perfectly in the Switch’s portable mode.

10. Super Smash Bros. climax

More than just the ultimate fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, with colorful and frenetic combat and loads of character, Super Smash Bros. climax It is a playable museum of the history of the video game industry. At the top, 89 iconic characters from various franchises face off in battles with up to four players locally or online. Each fighter carries very unique characteristics from its original games.

climax It’s still ahead of its predecessors, and features a consistent story mode, with around 450 stages, and new scenarios for the franchise, based on the series. CastlevaniaAnd the Super Mario Odyssey And much more.

9. Hollow Night

Hollow Night It is an award winning platform game with loads of action, bugs and heroes. The player controls a knight with no name and no character, and must explore winding caves, ancient cities, and deadly ruins. All this to find out what happened to an ancient kingdom.

While the adventure features a classic metroidvania 2D map, it advances modern adaptations of the genre with challenging battles, brilliant graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and a plot twist that engages players for hours on end. The world of Hallownest is vast and full of paths that the player can explore.

8. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze It is a modified version of the Wii U game, but it marked its first appearance donkey kong On the Nintendo Switch in style. The game introduces a host of new additions to the series, unfolding stages with non-stop action and classic Kongs. Expect secrets, challenging levels, and creative boss battles.

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In the plot, arctic invaders have turned Donkey Kong Island into a frozen castle. To solve the problem, the player can control Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Cranky Kong, each with unique abilities. For an easier experience, there is even a Funky mode, with Funky Kong in the control panel.

7. Super Mario Maker 2

More than just a 2D Mario stages creation game, Super Mario Maker 2 It is a complete adventure to unleash your creativity and enjoy many courses created by other players. Even if the player is not very skilled in the more difficult levels, there are simpler and more objective levels. The entire suite is equipped with a search filter that works perfectly fine, providing a hundred hours of content for your enjoyment.

Super Mario Maker 2 It has a complete toolbox for assembling the most diverse stages. The sequel still knows how to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch touch screen, bringing more precision to the builds and making the entire experience usable.

6. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Developed by Game Freak, Mythology: Arceus Combines action and free-form exploration, drawing on the roots of the Pokémon series. The adventure takes place in the region of Hisui, the original past of Snoh, the title is much more than just suggesting a new gameplay. It’s a true break from the franchise formula, absorbed for years with linear progression and turn-based battles.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It adds a non-linear progression, an all-new battle system, and a dynamic Pokemon-trainer relationship. Creatures have their own personality and behaviors, and in their nature they will not think twice before attacking humans. With good ideas and a good dose of modernization, This is the new starting point for the franchise and its mechanics will once again be applied to it pokemon scarlet and violetUpcoming Game Freak entries.

5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Who has already participated in a race in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, locally with friends or online knows how dynamic and fun a plumber racing game is. In addition to the innovative and colorful tracks, the gameplay in the title is simple and exciting, with various Nintendo characters and offensive powers to liven up the turns.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe It brings together well the reasons that made this series a resounding success in the history of Nintendo. Work that led to results: Over 43 million units have been sold, making it the best-selling game on console.

4. Hades

Hades It became one of the most famous roguelikes in history by managing to balance the challenging and strategic features of the genre, with a plot that motivates the player to repeat the same path multiple times. The title combines the best aspects of gaming from developer Supergiant, such as the fast-paced action of strongholdrich atmosphere and depth transistorplus a narrative based on characters from Ber.

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In the adventure, the player embodies the Greek prince of the underworld Zagreus trying to escape from his father’s domain. The game features the gods of Olympus as allies who provide bonuses, powers that enhance abilities, and together they build thousands of possible strategies.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has become synonymous with the quarantine game during the COVID-19 pandemic. The title embraced many players at the time by giving them the opportunity to escape to a deserted island and create their own paradise, while exploring, creating and customizing everything around them. While it is possible to get into a complex financial trading system that includes turnips, new Horizons This casual game to play every day can be to fish or clear the snow island during winter.

The simplicity of the game, which has no villains or a target to contend with, is relaxing and captivating. The island brings a variety of natural resources that can be used to create anything. The multiplayer, allowing you to visit the islands of friends and family or welcome them to your own island, remains the culmination of the perfectionist simulation and building experience within the Nintendo Switch.

2. Super Mario Odyssey

A system as innovative as the Nintendo Switch, it needed a Mario adventure to match. Super Mario Odyssey Put a plumber and his new ally Cappy on a massive 3D adventure around the world. The duo have a special ability to capture and control objects, animals, and enemies, which constantly changes the way they play.

The adventure can still be enjoyed with a friend. While player 1 controls Mario, player 2 will take control of Cappy. 3D open world adventure of Epic It is the first of its kind for the franchise since then Super Mario 64from 1996, the classic Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube.

1- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The game that redefined the franchise bar the legend of zelda And for the open-world RPG genre itself, it couldn’t be anywhere else on this list. Breath of the wild It has a world of discovery, exploration and adventure at every turn. The game was launched in 2017, along with the hybrid console, and to this day remains new discoveries for gamers. The adventurer who controls Link is invited to travel through Hyrule, while finding out what happened to the kingdom.

With a lot of freedom and creativity, the game has managed to develop a formula of one of the most beloved franchises in history. It is a must for fans and even anyone who has never played Zelda before. You will probably fall in love and understand why Breath of the wild It is one of the best games ever.

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