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Top of the popular programming languages! Find out what the surprise is

Programming languages ​​are one of the main tools for people working on the Internet and all the jobs associated with them. These contain rows and rows of followers, who naturally use them to create unique tools and services.

Of course, it is always interesting to see which ones attract programmers and even employers. The IEEE Top just came out and showed who dominates in this field. There is also curiosity…

Every programmer has their favorite programming languages ​​which they use to develop their business. These don't always represent what the market is looking for, but they also show which ones have evolved and could be propositions for the future.

Python dominates the IEEE No. 1 list

the above the last introduced by IEEE puts Python ahead, but C follows. The combined popularity of C and similar great languages ​​- C++ and C# - will overtake Python with some advantages. Java is also still popular, as is JavaScript.

Best IEEE SQL Programming Languages

The latter is driven by the increasing complexity of websites and tools in browsers. It should be noted that in some cases, the most use now is the deliberate simplification of static sites built using only HTML and CSS.

SQL at the top of the search ranking

Among the strongest growth rates in the popularity of SQL. This is the number one at the top associated with jobs. The power of SQL comes from the search for professionals who can master SQL. Note that SQL is a structured query language. HTML also appears in the ranking, and it's a markup language that professionals need.

Best IEEE SQL Programming Languages

The advantage of SQL comes from the way it is used with other programming languages. Many applications include a front-end layer or middleware layer that connects to a back-end database, so mastering it makes the build process easier.

This may not be a consensus list, but it is the result of a careful analysis by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Your data sources and methodology it's knownfocusing on what programmers demand in job offers, especially with regard to programming languages.

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