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Benzema royal, Griezmann invisible.

Tops / Flaps Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid: Benzema Royal, Griezmann Invisible

The players of Carlo Ancelotti, the authors of the best collective action, confirm their position as La Liga captain (2-0) against the disappointing Colconeros.


Benzema, upper class
Admittedly, Modric and Militao performed very well tonight, but Karim Benzema can not fail to highlight. Uncertainty was announced before the start of this meeting, KB9 actually starts tonight and will mark this meeting very soon with its brand. At first, it only took 16 minutes for the Real team to be decisive in a match that did not start properly. He is at the beginning and end of his goal, what a goal உண்மையான As a true captain, he has scored more goals in La Liga and is back again to build his team’s game and recover the balloon. (Like his 20th good return). With his return after a big week due to injury, Benzema started his team’s match well, emerging as a hero at half time.

Vinicius, decisive double passer
Another great performance by Vinicius tonight is the author of Two Assistants tonight. He was able to use the spaces left strangely by Atletico’s defense, especially with Karim Benzema who was very involved in building his team’s game with excellent combinations. More and more clever and efficient in the last gesture, Vinicius offers a double aid tonight. He was truly poisoned for 87 minutes before standing up and clapping his hands out of the Bernabeu.


Diego Simeone, helpless
“El Solo” Ancelotti, who faced a fully controlled Real team after the opening player, had few ideas to shake up the tactics. With the help of an almost invisible Greissman, Diego Simeone fails to fix the places left by his bodyguards to the real attackers. Like his defense in scoring two goals for Real, the Argentine technician team was unstructured from start to finish. With a 1-0 lead at the break, one could expect a reaction from Simeone’s players, but while Felix and Lemar’s looked good, the Colconeros fell short of their evening opponent.

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Greissman, invisible
After his outstanding performance in the Champions League, Simeone could have used his tenure this evening to secure a win in the eleventh, but the Frenchman was ghostly. With the exception of a free kick that was well scored in the first half, Greissman was not dangerous even once every 45 minutes. He was logically replaced by Felix at half-time and he would achieve better half-time than him.