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– Totally unacceptable

– Totally unacceptable

Australian Sonny Tilbury was in for a surprise when he collected his luggage at the airport after a recent domestic flight.

A Qantas baggage handler left a not-so-nice greeting on the baggage tag on his suitcase.

Travel: If you have checked baggage, there are several things you should pay attention to, especially the label. Video: Selena Stamper/Stories

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He had to speak up

Since the bag was overweight, it was classified as “heavy” and weighed 31 kilograms. Additionally, one resident wrote “c.nt,” a derogatory term for a woman's stomach, on the note of excess weight.

Tilbury told DinSide that he started laughing when he saw what was written.

Do you see why the Australian reacted? Photo: Sonny Tilbury/Instagram
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– I started laughing when I saw what was written there. I saw the funny side of it, but I went to the Qantas office anyway to tell them what was there in case no one else thought it was funny, says the Australian.

He says those at the table were no longer enthusiastic about greetings.

– They called me on Sunday and complained several times, and that they would investigate the matter. They also said they would refund my plane ticket, but I haven't seen anything about that yet.

In Australia, the weight limit is 32 kilograms, so Tilbury was within the limit.

- Call the police

– Call the police

He is not allowed to work for Qantas again

The letter had unfortunate consequences for the living room.

Against the Australian 7News Qantas says this behavior is completely unacceptable.

– Menzies, our ground handling operator, at Perth Airport, has assured us that cabin crew will never work on Qantas Group aircraft again. A company spokesperson told The Australian: “We have sincerely apologized to Mr Tilbury.”

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