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Tottenham Hotspur: Jose Mourinho and Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur: Jose Mourinho and Spurs

The appointment of Jose Mourinho as Tottenham coach at the end of 2019 saw many as a fresh start. The Portuguese should bring back the glorious days of Spurs.

“I am delighted to join a club with such a great tradition and an enthusiastic fan base,” Mourinho said when he took office.

His early days at Tottenham were decent!

Tottenham have won five of their first seven league games, with Mourinho beating Burnley 5-0.

The split of the fan camp after Pochettino

However, behind the scenes, things started to sink in early – for a variety of reasons.

Mourinho’s commitment split the fan base. Former coach Mauricio Pochettino was so popular among supporters that he brought the club to the top 4 and the Champions League final. Many fans did not understand that Argentina was shot – despite a weak start to the 2018/19 season. (Premier League results and schedule)

Pochettino was an absolute celebrity. With Mourinho, on the other hand, came a coach who came to London with a reputation as an arrogant self-promoter. A hot temper to constantly clash with fellow coaches, journalists and rebel players.

Dealing with players

This leads to the next reason as well. Mourinho has been the subject of much controversy domestically over his players’ suspicious handling. It is difficult for a coach to deal with his players better.

At Mourinho, however, it was part of the pace at which he regularly clashed with his players – even in the past. (Everything about the Premier League)

He had problems with Joe Cole and Eden Hazard at Chelsea and felt his anger when asked to come back and defend Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. United star Paul Pok்பmon also clashed.

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Midfielder recently compared Mourinho to current coach Ole Gunner Soulskeijer: “Ole (Players, Editor’s note) Do not put them, but he will not put them by their side as if they were no more. “

Tele Ally is the most important “victim”

The difficult relationship between the coach and his players was also evident at Tottenham. Full-back Danny Rose was dropped from the first squad. When he wanted to know the reason for that, it is said that there was a solid argument in Mourinho’s office.

However, the most famous case is Dele Alli. During his first training session, Mourinho asked the England international whether he was “Del Alley or Del Alley’s brother” because he did not see him in the form of a Premier League star.

Del Alli (left) and Jose Mourinho (right) got off to a tough start © Image

Despite the initial increase in performance Alli was unable to win at Tottenham and moved to Paris Saint-Germain in January. (Premier League Schedule)

As The sun Some players went to Tottenham boss Daniel Levy to complain about Mourinho.

Disagreement with Levy regarding transfers

In previous clubs, Mourinho was able to dispose of large sums of money. However, Levy has a reputation for being very frugal.

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So it didn’t take long for the two of them to argue. Mourinho is said to be dying to sign BSG’s Thomas Munier. How Team Larry Mourinho could not trust the defender’s determination and instead he went to Borussia Dortmund on a free transfer.

Mourinho is also said to have spoken out against Gareth Bale’s commitment. Instead, he wanted to invest the money in a federal guard.

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Criticism of Spurs’ style of play

But there were purely sporting reasons that led to the rift between Spurs and Mourinho.

The style of play, often based on facing the ball after leaving the ball to other teams, was a thorn in the side of many fans and critics. This practical way of playing football was not initially well received.

Initially, the “special one” was excused for this because the results were simply correct. However, after losing games and poor performance, criticism of Mourinho’s style increased.

However, he did not like it: “If you do not enjoy watching, do not watch. It’s very easy,” he shouted. Sky Sports.

The end of Jose Mourinho

The mood changed completely when Tottenham lost to Dynamo Zagreb in the second round of the Europa League – despite winning the first leg. “You have lost the thread and your heart,” was the headline of the English newspaper the next day.

In addition, Tottenham also lost all expectations in the league. After the 32nd match day, Spurs are only seventh and four points behind international places.

In the last six games, the 58-year-old Portuguese team can only win one match. This tragedy, along with other critical points, confirmed Tottenham’s end to the Jose Mourinho era on Monday.

According to the English media, the mood for fans to return to the stadiums was very negative.

However, Mourinho does not have to worry, at least not financially: Step The sun Tottenham are forced to pay him around .5 17.5 million.

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