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Tough fight to become number 2 in Listhaug – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Tough fight to become number 2 in Listhaug – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Lemmy says it’s good to point out that he is Ketil Solvik-Olsen’s replacement and is making himself available as a candidate to become the new first deputy leader.

– I want to take part in the development of this party further. I’ve been in FRP for a long time and find it interesting to get involved in the politics. And I think FRP has huge opportunities, now primarily in the September 11 elections this year, he told NRK.

But it will be a protracted battle to become the strongest supporter of FRP leader Sylvie Listaug in the party leadership when Solvik Olsen resigns at the national meeting in the spring.

  • Hans Andreas Lemme From Akershus (62 years old) was now suggested by his county team Akershus.
  • Hoxrod board (49) Telemark has already announced that he wants to become deputy commander.
  • The same Alien Wiborg (39) from Ostfold.
  • also frank sf (55) Of More og Romsdal is registered as vice-captain, but has not yet publicly confirmed that he is a candidate.

Example: Hans-Andreas Lemme of the Progressive Party has a portrait of former US President Ronald Reagan hanging in his office.

Photo: Mats Roening/NRK

No power struggle

The four candidates sit in parliament for the Progress Party.

– Hans Andreas is a knowledgeable, experienced and stable politician with long experience and wide confidence in the organisation, Akershus FRP County Leader Torbjørn Weisæth tells NRK.

Hans-Andreas Lemme, FRP.

VETERAN: Hans Andreas Limi has already been part of the Frp leadership for 30 years, as General Secretary in 1988-1994.

Photo: Mats Roening/NRK

He adds that Listaug, Terje Souveknes and Lemmy will give the party three leaders “the necessary breadth, experience, competence and dynamism” in an important period.

– Will there be a power struggle in the Euphrates Front party until the national meeting, Lemmy?

– I don’t think there will be any power struggle. There are four candidates. Then what the selection committee proposes will be rather decisive. Ultimately, the National Assembly decides.

So far, the candidates have shown positive signs and have spoken positively about each other. There is no power struggle, it is competition. And FRP loves competition.

long driving time

Hans Andreas Limi was born in Porsgrunn in 1960. He has a long career in the Progressive Party and already in 1982 became part of the leadership at Telemark Frp. The following year he took a seat in the Presidency in Skien, and later became General Secretary for Youth of the Progress Party and Director of the Office and General Secretary of the Progress Party.

He held this position from 1988 to 1994, and the famous national meeting in Polexio, where several key members of the young liberal wing of the Progress Party broke away from party leader Carl Hagen.

For 20 years Lemme kept aloof from politics and got involved in the world of private business, where he was, among other things, property manager at Olav Thun, development director at Steen & Strøm and then enterprise director at ICA Norway.

In 2013, he returned to the national political scene as a representative of Parliament, and is now in his third term as an elected Member of Parliament. He was the Frp leader in Akershus in the years 2012-2016 and is the party’s financial policy spokesperson.

The National Meeting of the Progress Party 2022

Replacement: FRP driving today, with Terje Søviknes (left), Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Sylvi Listhaug. Now Solvik Olsen gives up.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen/NTB

will continue in Parliament

If Lemmy becomes the new deputy leader, he will also be available for a new term in Parliament.

– Not long ago, there will be a new candidacy before the 2025 elections. I want to clearly indicate that I do not intend to withdraw, on the contrary: I want to get a new term, he says.

– Do you have any ambition to become the party leader?

– No, I don’t have. We are in a very fortunate position to hopefully be Listhaug, as a leader in FRP, for many years to come.

– If you become part of the party leadership, do you want to work with the FRP party to enter the government if there is a bourgeois majority in 2025?

– I don’t see it very appropriate to take a stand now. Now there are the first municipal and municipal elections, and then we will start preparing for 2025. A lot can happen before the general elections in 2025.

Finance discussion

The Centre: In 2013, Lemmy made a national political comeback as a Representative of Parliament, and is now in his third term as an elected Member of Parliament.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

As the spokesperson for fiscal policy in the Norwegian Parliament, Lemmy has been heavily involved in defining FRP’s response to exorbitant times, price hikes and the recent electricity price crisis.

We need to create predictability and stability for individuals and businesses. He says we live in a very expensive and uncertain time.

– This is why FRP has put forward a number of proposals to reduce fees and improve the electricity subsidy system, simply to make it easier for people and our companies to get through this difficult time.

The party’s new leadership will be elected at the National Progress Party meeting at the end of April.

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