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Tour de Bologna: We know the way.  Time to head east!

Tour de Bologna: We know the way. Time to head east!

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First, Laplin – Sam, then Jamov – Presmail, Sanok – Resov, Tarnov – Pukovina Resort, Sochov – Beelsko – Piana, Katovis – Katovis and Jabre – Krakow – 78th Tour de Bologna UCI. – We have proposed some changes compared to recent years. First Route – Long Team CEO Sessa Long insists.

The second, with the final match at Jamos, wants the role of the royal chapter. The coating is located at the ascent point with a slope of 13-15 percent. – This condition will probably form the general taxonomy, but it will not yet determine the fate of the race, because there are still many difficulties – points out Sessa Long. The route has a personal time trial at Katowice and the general classification will change here. There are very difficult chapters. Bukovina Tadarsaska is familiar to all DTP fans, which should be interesting along the way to Peelsco-Piana.

– The new path is one thing, but we focus strongly on innovation. Poplan, the Belgian company that developed innovative security systems, became a partner in the race. They have already proven themselves in the Belgian classic era of world touring rankings, and our national race will be the first stage event of this prestigious cycle, using innovative bands, barriers and other solutions from the Poplan brand. This is possible thanks to the support of our partner Trudeaux, Poland’s largest window maker, which will enable us to implement this operation logically – says Sessa Long. The organizers also revealed that there will be about five hours of TV coverage from each stage, which will be shown on DVB Sport and DVP1. – We talk about each chapter – emphasize the Olympic co-champion from Moscow.

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78. Poland Tour UCI World Tour 9-15 Sierra Leone 2021 R:

  • Level 1 – 09.08 Laplin – Cm 216 km.
  • Level 2 – 10/08 Zamość – Przemyśl 201 km.
  • Level 3 – August 11, Sanok – Rasov 226 km.
  • Level 4 – August 12, Tornov – Bukovina Resort, 160.5 km.
  • Level 5 – August 13, Chochov, Journey Dunajek’s Commune – Peelsko-Piana 173 km.
  • Level 6 – August 14 Katowice – Katowice 18 km.
  • Level 7 – August 15, Zabre – Krakow, 145 km.