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Touzeh: "When I left Guimarães," great "approached me

Touzeh: “When I left Guimarães,” great “approached me

A student of distinction, Tozé has one of the most motivating minds in the world of football. The way that the Portuguese victory player reflects the state of football, and his career, is very rare. A clear treaty to be confirmed in this interview with More.

At the age of 28, the midfielder lives at FC Porto for the second year in a row at FC Al Nasr, from Dubai, and enjoys him so much that he can even imagine staying there for a few more years. Although this move to the Middle East halted a period of outright affirmation in Portugal.

In the last two years in the league, Toseh played 67 matches and 20 goals between Moreirense and Vitoria de Guimarães. One of the Big Three knocked on his door, but the career choice was different.

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Maisfutebol – Between 2017 and 2019 he had seasons at a very good level. When you left for Dubai, and despite the financial appeal, weren’t you afraid of mortgaging the sporting dimension in your career?

Touzeiha – When the victory proposal came, I thought about it of course. I think a lot about my decisions. I know there was a “big” approach when I terminated the contract with Vitoria, because I was a free-to-play player and could sign any club, and that could bring me closer to the national team. If I continue those two good seasons, play in a big club, then of course I can represent Portugal again. It’s something I love, I have over 60 caps even under 21 [65 jogos, 9 golos], There are many games that represent my country. It would be a dream that we get to choice A. let’s see. Being here, I realize that things are much more difficult. But I can go back to Europe. Just look at the story of Jose Fonte, who arrived late and was a European hero. I thought about it a lot before choosing Dubai of course, but I measured the pros and cons. There are many things that I love here, besides the financial part. Lifestyle, family well-being, quality of life, security. I think I took the right step.

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MF – The kind of football Tozé does well in Dubai too.

T – I’m technical, but I’m also very competitive. Love taking back balls and fighting. I read an interview given by Luis Castro where he said that a player gets paid to train and not start. It makes perfect sense. I’m good for it, I love to train and add that competitiveness to everything I do. they [Al Nasr] They thought there were only ten technicians, but I love fighting in duels and fighting to the end. I guess I ended up surprising people here.

Fred: You spoke about Luis Castro. Was it the coach who managed to get his coach to express himself better on the field?

T – I think so. It is inevitable to talk about it. She scored two seasons and scored 30 goals with Mr: 21 in Team B in Porto and nine in Vitoria. Thanks to the assists, I think I contributed more than 40 goals. The way he leads fits with my way of being. It had a huge impact on my career.

MF – Is there any FC Porto B do Tozé player who deserved a superior career?

MF – Frederick Maciel. Regarding what you did in coaching and in team B, I would say you deserve to be on a bigger team than you currently have [Lusitânia de Lourosa]. This team was runners-up in the second league and I remember a match in which the following main team participated: Fabiano Freitas; palatal[عامة]Abdullah, Mangala and Kenyons; Herrera, Carlos Eduardo and Quintero; Ricardo Pereira, Klipper, and Tosee (laughs). Herrera scored a few goals for team B, was adjusting, then ended up becoming captain of FC Porto. It deserves this recognition for its work and flexibility. Today he is in Atlético de Madrid. Team B has been a very positive experience and has been pivotal in my career and in Portuguese football. B-teams are directly related to the success of the national teams. There is no competitive void, 19- and 20-year-olds compete. It is essential.

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MF – Requirements for the second league have nothing to do with junior requirements. It’s a great leap.

T – It’s a competitive league, we played against experienced athletes, we are forced to change our style. There are very close and aggressive teams, and there are very strong teams that touch us and force us to defend. B-teams have been one of the best things to happen to Portuguese football in recent years. I like to think about football. It’s my life, and I have the honor to get paid to be a footballer and in the future I don’t know if I’m going to be a coach or my kids will play. I always want the best of our football and love to understand what is going on.

Michel Foucault – There are still problems with late wages in Portugal. How are things going in the Emirates?

T – on my team, everything is perfect. It is said that this team or the other will be a bit late. I don’t know if it was due to lack of money or occasional problems. But the overall picture is very positive.

MF – Also played two matches for FC Porto main team. They are both against Olhanense.

T – it’s very special memories. The first time you entered the dragon … it would stay forever. Mr. Vitor Pereira had already been called up four times. I was off the bench at Luz, for example, in a 2-2 draw. After that I was waiting for Guimarães to enter (laughs). We had won 4-0 and I thought I’d go in. I could have had my chances, but then I got back home against Olhanense. There are funny things. I was heating up, there is a penalty for us and Mister Vitor Pereira is calling me to enter. I change my shirt and Jackson misses the penalty kick. But the master kept the change and I joined it. We drew 1-1. The jerseys for that first match (we are entitled to two, actually) were delivered well: one for my family and one for Paulinho Santos. Vitor was important and gave me the opportunity to train several times with Team A. A team of luxury. Joining this team is unforgettable. It is easier to play with high quality. We have to decide quickly. The pass always comes, it’s really good. I wish I had a little more supremacy at FC Porto, but I can’t help but thank you for the opportunities.

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Michel Foucault – Did you never formally join, for example, FC Porto from the start?

T – in the second year of Vitor [2012/13] I was going to do pre-season, I even talked to the master about it. I happened to play Europe U19 and had to start later. So I joined Team B again, and it delayed my process in Team A, but even later he called me again. I was one of the first B team to be fired in FC Porto.

MF – Also played the starting match with Luis Castro in Olhão.

T – Paolo Fonseca left, Luis Castro got promoted and I think the mister called me as a form of appreciation for working on Team B. And I also thank him for that. That year, I thought I would really be in the A squad – I spent two years playing with Team B and being almost always in team A coaching – but ended up loaning Estoril, who was involved in Evandro’s transfer. That year, in 2014, I thought the logical step was to upgrade, but I quit I Liga club and was happy. If Vetter Pereira continues, things might have been different, but a new coach has come [Julen Lopetegui] Different ideas, this is normal.

MF – He scored a goal against FC Porto with a penalty kick. The moment ended up causing controversy and that led to some debate at the entrance to the spa.

T – We drew 2-2, and Alever scored a goal after 90. My goal was close to the end. I was on loan, scored for FC Porto, then there was some history at the end, which was a great game in my career though.