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Toyota apresentou a segunda geração do Mirai, o seu veículo movido a hidrogénio célula de combustível

Toyota Mirai break the world record! 1360 km by hydrogen

It is true that the bet on the automotive sector was electric! However, betting on hydrogen to power electric motors is also a reality. In June, Toyota announced that the Mirai had set a record 1,000 kilometers were traveled using a single hydrogen cell.

This record was recently broken, and the new record for Toyota Mirai is now 1360 km.

downloading a file The hydrogen tank took no more than 5 minutes

The hydrogen-powered 2021 Toyota Mirai reached the Guinness Book of Records by managing the longest distance on a single charge. A total of 1,360 km of southern California was covered last August. It should also be noted that uploading a file The hydrogen tank took no more than 5 minutes.

Record set with "professional" drivers (Wayne Gerdis, mileage specialist, was the driver and Bob Wenger his assistant) Who were able to improve the performance of the car depending on the weather conditions and in the previously studied directions. The trip took three days.

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