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Toyota Yaris Cross gets a more powerful hybrid engine and brings more new features

Toyota Yaris Cross gets a more powerful hybrid engine and brings more new features

Toyota Yaris Cross has undergone many improvements and additions. Highlights include a second, more powerful hybrid powertrain and greater on-board improvements.

Hey Toyota Yaris Cross It remains the Japanese brand’s most compact SUV, and this year achieved the distinction of dethroning the Yaris as best-selling Toyota in Europe.

Now, just Two years after it arrived on the markethas just received a host of improvements designed to make it more attractive and competitive.

Visually, it’s not worth trying to spot the differences because they don’t exist. The new features in the ‘new’ Yaris Cross are all under the skin.

more stronger

The most important of them, probably, is the addition of more powerful hybrid mechanisms, which will only be available in the most equipped versions of this range. For the rest, the current 116 hp option remains.

The base is the same 1.5-litre petrol engine, but now combined with a larger and more powerful electric motor. This way, instead of a maximum total power of 116 hp, It now offers 132 hpWhile the maximum combined torque is 141 Nm Up to 185 Nm.

The increase in power and torque allows the Yaris Cross to shave half a second from 0-100 km/h acceleration, which now stands at 10.7 seconds, and ensures better recovery performance.

More refined cabin

On board this update for the Toyota Yaris Cross there was great concern about eliminating noise. To achieve this, the brand has improved the engine mounts and added more layers of sound insulation between this and the cabin. Furthermore, the windshield and side windows now feature thicker glass.

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The user experience in the cabin continues to be more digital too, with a customizable instrument panel and usability smart phone Like car keys. Communication is done through Toyota’s MyT app, which also includes other communication functions. Of course, there is no shortage of updates Programming Remote (OTA or Over the air).

To complete the package, there is also a range of enhanced active safety systems, which complement the extensive list that the Toyota Yaris Cross already includes.

Yaris Cross First Edition

With this update, for those who want something more exclusive, the new Premiere Edition is now available, which brings together everything that is best for this model.

The body starts with a two-tone combination, the upper in black and the lower part in the exclusive Urban Khaki, as you can see in the gallery below. However, there are two other options: White Pearl Platinum and Silver Metallic. For the rest of the collection, a new Juniper Blue color is also available.

18-inch wheels and two-tone trim complete the package. In the cabin, there are finishes with stitching in the same exclusive body color, in addition to other improvements.

When will he arrive?

The arrival of the renewed version of the Toyota Yaris Cross to the market has not yet been fully determined. However, the brand states that reservations Connected It will launch later this month in several European markets.

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