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Trading in yellow fever virus causes RS to declare an emergency

The latest epidemiological bulletin counted 23 municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul with the spread of the virus; Announced this Thursday (29)

Rio Grande do Sul declared a public health emergency on Thursday (29), due to Tadawul Yellow fever virus In the state. The announcement was made by Minister of Health, Arita Bergmann, during a hypothetical meeting, upon signing Order 341/2021.

According to the state government, the latest epidemiological outbreak of arbovirus, referring to the period from April 18 to 24, counted 23 municipalities spreading with the virus.

Rio Grande do Sul has 23 municipalities classified as a “red district” and 72 yellow districts – Photo: Josué Damacena / Fiocruz

The Secretary also announced the creation of a COE (Emergency Operations Center) in Arboviroses, with the participation of representatives from the Famurs (Federation of Municipal Associations of Rio Grande do Sul) and Cosems (Council of Municipal Health Secretariats). Arboviruses are diseases transmitted by infected mosquitoes, such as yellow fever, dengue fever, chikungunya virus, and Zika virus.

The group of 23 municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is considered a “red zone” because it is found in primates contaminated with mosquitoes that transmit the virus, as the Rio Grande do Sul government said in a note.

“This group, which is considered a red zone, consists of municipalities where dead primates were found, contaminated with mosquitoes from wild areas that transmit the disease virus.”

Municipalities with a yellow zone

Another 72 municipalities located in the vicinity have been classified as yellow, with the risk of spreading the virus as well. The note states that “so far, the disease has not been detected in humans.”

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Rio Grande do Sul has not recorded the presence of the yellow fever virus since 2009. In January 2021, a dead howling case was confirmed in the municipality of Pinhal da Serra, near the border with Santa Catarina.

In a note, the head of the Epidemiological Surveillance Division, Tani Ranieri, stressed the need to immediately intensify the yellow fever vaccination strategy to increase coverage in the red and yellow areas.

Dengue fever is a disease

The Arbovirus Epidemiological Bulletin records from April 18 to 24, 3014 confirmed cases of dengue fever in the state, with 2,923 local cases and five deaths, two in Santa Cruz, two in Irشchem and one in Bom Retiro do Sul. Cases in Sao Nicolau. Iguy and Pinto Gonsalves record one case each.