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Train on the moon?  NASA wants to build a lunar railway by 2030

Train on the moon? NASA wants to build a lunar railway by 2030

a space exploration It has been one of the main focus points for many agencies around the world, and NASA is not lagging behind when it comes to innovations and revolutionary projects.

The US space agency recently announced an ambitious plan that could change the way we travel around the world. moon: Construction of the lunar railway by 2030.

Railway on the Moon: project idea

The project, called Float (Flexible Lift on Track), is being developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA It promises to revolutionize transportation on the moon.

The idea is to create a path along which the magnetic robots can float without contacting the surface, avoiding scattering lunar dust, a common problem in extraterrestrial environments.

The system consists of three basic layers, containing a layer of graphite to allow oscillation by magnetization, an electrical circuit that generates the magnetic pulse, and solar panels to provide energy To make paths.

NASA's project aims to build a lunar railway by 2030 – Image: NASA/Reproduction

In addition to Float, five other innovative projects have been approved to move forward in the company's NIAC program. NASA.

Among them, we highlight a telescope that uses liquids to operate, a pulsed plasma rocket, thermal radiation cells for space power generation, a low-frequency radio telescope and advanced sensors based on quantum dots.

With investments of approximately R$ 3 million per research group, the next two years promise significant progress in this field.

Potential impact of railway construction moon It goes beyond simply improving the logistics of space missions.

This innovation could improve scientific and construction processes, opening up new possibilities for space exploration.

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As John Nelson, NIAC's executive director, explained, the approved proposals offer a lot for NASA to think about about what's possible in the future.

When conceiving the possibility of a Lunar railway until 2030It has led us to imagine a future where the Moon becomes an advanced base for deep space exploration.

NASA is not just building a railway, it is paving the way for the next era of technology. space exploration.

Development over the next few years will be crucial to turning this bold project into reality.

With so many innovations and technological advances, the future of space exploration promises to be exciting and full of possibilities.

We can only wait and hope that these projects will bear fruit, open new horizons and expand the boundaries of human knowledge even further. Land.