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Folk i kø på togstasjon i Hamburg

Train traffic in Germany affected by vandalism – NRK Urix – Foreign news & documentaries

Long-distance traffic in northern Germany is said to have been completely paralyzed for several hours on Saturday morning.

According to the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, there were problems with the communication systems.

The cause must be sabotage.

The sabotage of the cables, which were essential to the movement of trains, meant that Deutsche Bahn had to stop for about three hours in the north, a company spokesperson told Germany Der Spiegel.

It was said that the security authorities started an investigation. It is not yet known if anyone is a suspect in the case.

Traveler stranded

Before reporting the vandalism, the railroad reported that the stoppage of the trains was due to a disturbance in the digital train radio, he writes. Frankfurter Allgemeine.

It is used for communication between control centers that control the movement of trains and trains, and is therefore an indispensable part of the smooth movement of trains, a company spokesperson said.

The error caused a halt to long-distance train traffic in northern Germany on Saturday morning. International relations have also been affected. So did parts of the local traffic.

Bugs fixed in the morning, inform Deutsche Bahn on their websites. However, travelers will have to expect delays and cancellations.

It also does not rule out the possibility of more disturbances in the movement of trains throughout the day.

Many travelers were stranded on Saturday at several major train stations, such as Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin.

The stoppage of the train resulted in the cancellation and delay of many lines. Here, passengers wait at a train station in Berlin.

Photo: John McDougall/AFP

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