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"Tramsif" legend Heid Keller - BZ Berlin - died very lonely

“Tramsif” legend Heid Keller – BZ Berlin – died very lonely

She thrilled millions on TV – she died so lonely. Fans and friends of the “dream ship” legend Hyde Keller († 81). He died of cancer last Friday.

But no one knows how the actress actually got sick. He suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which he called “that stupid disease.”

Bildt’s friend: “For treatment, she received an expensive drug from the United States that was not approved in Germany. Because of the side effects, she suffered from pain, could no longer eat, and had been undergoing chemotherapy for a year.”

In 1981
1981 “Tramshif” crew: Sasha Hehn, Heid Keller and Gunder Konick (from left) (Photo: Image Alliance / United Archives / Swagman)

Keller lived alone and had no children. The only bright spot at this time is said to be a guy (1) from their pan neighborhood. Friend: “Then he lay on Heid’s lap, holding her hands – she cried.”

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One of the last people to see her alive was her “dream ship” colleague Horst Naman (95). He asked: “I met her the day before she died. It’s very moving. She may be waiting for me before she leaves.

According to BILD reports, Hyde Keller was buried in the Bon-Mufendorf Cemetery.

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